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Full Hot Fuzz trailer

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I'd be off my 'trolley' if I mentioned where I saw them Wink
Chris Gould wrote: Did you spot the Wilsons in it?

No, but James W said they were in the supermarket scene.

Wilson Bros, are you lurking around here?  Is he right?
Did you spot the Wilsons in it?
Not sure, I didn't stick around to watch the credits.  Had to get out of the cinema really seeing as I was on call for work and the guys on the door took everyone's mobile phones off them!
Hehe yeah. Quite a few good lines actually. Will probably see it again. Was there anything after the credits?
Yeah, I noticed The Omen and I think The Shining in there as well.  Loved the Point Break moment near the end too.

However, my favourite line has to be "If you want to be a big cop in a small town..."
Aye, could have been 20 mins shorter maybe, but it really picks up towards the end. Some nice references to previous films (Cornetto)  and a few decent cameos. There was a really good sight gag about a pig getting spit roasted that cracked me (and me alone) up. Seemed to be references to a fair few films as well; think I saw nods to Matrix Revolutions and Aliens towards the end.
I saw this at a preview last Monday.  Drags a little bit towards the end but when it's funny, it's VERY funny Happy
April 20 now
You guys are really lucky, it releases over there on Friday right? Man, we have to wait until April (13th?). I loved "Shaun" so I cannot wait for this one now. Damn you various international release dates.
For me, the best lines in the trailer were: 'About two feet tall. Long, slender neck'. Merchant just cracks me up.
Aye this ones up the top of my list :D
Shame it's still months away.
hehe yeah, that bit made me laugh (the kicking in the face bit).
YES! Can't wait. Shortcut bit is wonderful. Did he kick an old woman in the face towards the end?  Thanks for that, sorely needed.
Full Hot Fuzz trailer