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Futurama DVD Movie

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3rd August 2007 2:53  #1

Jersey Jedi Member Join Date: August 2004 Location: United States Posts: 714
Futurama DVD Movie
"Oh god, you're killing me.....OH GOD, YOU'RE KILLING ME!"

I'm more that a little excited for this I'd say.

3rd August 2007 13:58  #2

Stephen Etherton Member Join Date: October 2003 Location: United States Posts: 706
Sweet.  I would love for this show to get it's due.  If somehow the Simpsons can continue forEVER, then there is room somewhere out there for this show to comeback full force.  

I have always liked this show, it is so much better, and intelligently written than any other primetime animted show out there.

4th August 2007 1:26  #3

Mr Bongo Member Join Date: August 2007 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 16
OK this is as much as i can find out about this at the moment....(thanks to
Alex Vo was able to attend the Futurama panel at Comic-con and wrote about it on

    Then they ran the clip, a five-minute collection of random footage from the first DVD movie, out on DVD November 27th (and the first of four to be released throughout 2008): Bender's Big Score!

There is a bit of information about the story of the first movies, so if you do not want to know anything about it, skipt ahead to page 2, where you'll find an exlcusive interview with Rich Moore who was a Futurama director throughout the original run and did some supervising for the upcomming movies:

    RT: Will you be trying to capturing new fans with the Futurama movies?

    RM: I think the idea is to capture new fans. The first one is a great science fiction story. It's got the Fry and Leela relationship. It's got lots of action. It's got lots of great Bender and Zoidberg moments. All the old regulars who have appeared have their own scenes. But it's very accessible to people who haven't watched a whole lot.

After being absent from the recent Comic-Cons for obvious reasons, this Saturday will feature a Futurama-panel on the yearly comic convention:

    3:30-4:30 Futurama - Matt Groening is proud to announce the long-awaited return of the animated sci-fi comedy classic Futurama! Matt and executive producer David X. Cohen will be on the dais, accompanied by writer Ken Keeler, animation directors Peter Avanzino and Dwayne Carey- Hill, and for the first time together on stage in any universe, actors Billy West (Fry), Katey Sagal (Leela), John DiMaggio (Bender), and Maurice LaMarche (Kif Kroker)! The cast and crew will entertain your questions and present a sneak peek at Bender’s Big Score! in glorious wide-screen format! Moderated by Bill Morrison. Ballroom 20

If you are in San Diego this weekend, this is where you should go to get information on the four Straight-to-DVD Futurama movies being developed. Speaking of which, IMDB lists the names of them as (thanks to Noah):

    * Bender's Big Score
    * The Beast with a Billion Backs
    * Bender's Game
    * Into the Wild Green Yonder

I so can't wait for these!!

5th August 2007 20:32  #4

Nic_Mall Member Join Date: September 2005 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 91
Please Jebus let these not suck

20th December 2007 6:00  #5

Andrewr05 Member Join Date: December 2007 Location: United States Posts: 172 Send a message via Yahoo to Andrewr05
Nic_Mall wrote: Please Jebus let these not suckFuturama, suck?
please leave...
:D j/k


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