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Gabe is a Big Mean Jerk-Face

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Sorry to hear about your condition. Hope everything is alright, or at least will be. Lookin forward to the upcoming reviews.

Picked up a cheap copy of Mona Lisa on blu-ray for myself. Will be watching soon.
I'm finishing off my Evil Dead BR right now, but then there's going to be a couple weeks before I can review again. No HDTV or Surround Sound in the hospital. I almost got Prince of Persia under the wire, but the extras took too long to cull. When I get back I'm not really allowed to leave my house for 3 months for anything but food, and I promise to try and reestablish connections with anyone that sends me screeners (Disney is my buddy, so look to a pile of those around the first).
No sweat Gabe! Show me the douche who puts your reviews ahead of your health and I'll show you a bloody douche.

Wow that came out truly, truly disgustingly.... my new signature!
I've given up editing the US side of the site unless specifically asked. Not enough hours in the day etc, etc. Yes I'm being slopey shouldered.
Hey guys, I'm really sorry I'm getting behind on my reviews. I'm having some health issues that take me out for about a week at a time, but there's a lot of stuff on the horizon. The next few weeks will be EPIC. Chris better look out because he's gonna have to edit like a mother f**ker!! Woot!!!
Gabe you are awesome whether I disagree or agree with your reviews!! Thanks for checking out the good before I get a chance too. Happy
Not a fan of giant pancakes or toothpick accidents I take it?
That scene might be the only good thing about Uncle Buck...

This thread is just here to prove I don't hate everything I watch, or even a majority of the things I watch.

On another subject I'm happy most of you understand that a review is simply an opinion. Idealy it's an educated opinion, but at least it should be balanced. Finding the negative in the positive and the positive in the negative is part of the job. To have a black and white view containing only THE BEST THING EVAR or WORSE THAN RAPE is counterproductive, and is a disservice to everyone - the artists, the critic, and the reader.

Everyone has their opinions, I can absolutely love a movie and an professional (merely opinion if you ask me anyways) movie critic could give it an F.

There have been many movies that I've seen in my (relatively short) life that critics have touted as A+ incredible movies and yet to me they were horrible or just mediocre.

and vice versa.

F**k the numbered system. Rating films by numbers is completely arbitrary. That's about the only good thing that's come from our webmaster's lack of enthusiasm. Read the bloody reviews you simpletons!
Perhaps you guys should bring back the number system so people that can't read your reviews correctly can tell if you like a movie or not.  I never cared for the numbers, but the simple-minded ones may need it.
Oh, Gabe...low on self-esteem? Wink I thought everyone was entitled to have their own opinion about things, even about your opinion. Wink hehe. Just kidding... I know how it feels. I like a lot of films that most people hate, so for me it's even worse.
Gabe is a Big Mean Jerk-Face
Instead of defending myself every time someone loses their s**t because my opinion is different from theirs and accuses me of expecting too much, or not liking anything, I'm just gonna start linking here.

Here is an ongoing list of film's and TV series I've enjoyed and positively reviewed (going back to the beginning of June):
Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5
Crank 2: High Voltage
Bad Boy Bubby (only one response: 'Never heard of it'Wink
Sons of Anarchy
Fire and Ice
The Last Starfighter
Dollhouse Season 1
I Love You Man
Dragonball: Evolution
Wayne's World
Robot Chicken Star Wars: Episode II
Inglorious B*****ds
Mad Men Season II
Friday the 13th Part 4
Friday the 13th Part 6
Saturday Night Fever
Do The Right Thing (3 comments, one a failed correction, one a correction of that correction)
Lost Seasons 1 and 2
Inside Man
Changing Lanes
Terminator 2
A Bug's Life
Star Trek 2-4, 6

Here are the ones I was luke warm on:
Beyond the Door
Torchwood Season 2
Last House on the Left
Wayne's World 2
Race to Witch Mountain
Circle of Iron
Morning Light
Friday the 13th Part 5
A Haunting in Connecticut
The Machinest
Confessions of a Shopoholic
Weeds Season 4
Star Trek 5

And here are the ones I was largely negative about:
Heroes Season 3
Hannah Montana: The Movie
Door into Silence
The Echelon Conspiracy
Fast and Furious
Jonas Brothers 3D Concert
The Unborn
Revolutionary Road
Star Trek The Motion Picture