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Gabe's Blasphemous Statements: Part 2

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I notice the people who backed me up on the Hulk seem to have an interest in Asian film. Perhaps Hulk was just too Eastern for most of us Westerners (and I'm including Aussies and Kiwis in this definition, even though I understand they are not on the Western side of most maps).
Gabe once again I don't think this statement is blasphemous.

All the original Superman movies were terrible - yes, including Superman 1 and 2.

Bare in mind that I only watched them for the first time a few months back. So I had somewhat of a deprived childhood perhaps.

Anyway, I felt the films were horribly dated, cheesy and painful to watch. I much prefer the Smallville series and look forward to the upcoming Superman movie.

Hulk on the other hand is fantastic. It is slow but there's tremendous character study and is overall, well structured. I loved it.
Screw you guys, Hulk rocked.
BLASPHEMY!!!!!! Shocked
Quote: Originally posted by rob murray
please share

More blasphemous statements, or reasons as to why Hulk is better than Superman?

To tell the truth I was kinda hoping someone whould just cry BLASPHEMY!
please share
Hey, the truth can hurt. I got more...
Gabe, you scare me. Shocked
lol...after I got up back into my chair from laughing, I figure I'd post to tell ya that was the best joke I've heard in a while Wink
Pay close attention and remember to read the fine print...

"Ang Lee's HULK was better than SUPERMAN  III ."

- -
Oh boy! you're asking for it Happy
Gabe's Blasphemous Statements: Part 2
Gabe's Blasphemous Statements: Part 2

"Ang Lee's HULK was better than Donner's SUPERMAN." -Gabe Powers

(just ignore me and maybe I'll go away)