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Ah, no harm, no foul.  Smilies do tend to save the day. :D
Sorry. Should have stuck a 'smiley' smiley in there. There was no malice intended. I did say cheers.
Whoa dude.  Ease up.
I resisted making any reference to face off in my post so congrats for diving in with the obvious. Cheers.
Intergalactic Ponce wrote: Well there's not much he can do about his face is there? It's kind of attached.

Not in Face/Off! Wink
I'm a fan of Daredevil too... and the Hulk
Don't knock Daredevil until you've seen the director's cut.

And even then, don't knock it.  Happy  I liked the director's cut.
Plus Menedes is nothing more than eye candy.  The Ghost Rider I knew and loved worked more in the shadows and underworled.  Dealing with Mephisto and all types of horrid evil.  Do we really need another origin story?  That formula is more than played out.  

Have the movie start in the middle of something and clue us in on the origin as the story progresses.  Ugh.  
Well there's not much he can do about his face is there? It's kind of attached.
just saw trailer ......this is goin to suck BIG TIME..what a c**p...and Cage as always-the same face, same acting as in every movie.
I think it's interesting that some of what Nicholas Cage might have been going to do with Superman can be seen in his character in City of Angels. It's purely speculation on my part but he did go into 'City' more or less straight after 'his Superman version' talks fell apart. It's reasonable to assume that he applied things he was working on for Superman to the character of Seth. The invulernability, the inability to comprehend pain in humans. His interpretation might not have followed the comic book character (and would have angered fans no doubt) but he would have at least made Superman his own. Whether an actor should attempt that is a discussion for another time though.
After watching Kingdom of Heaven recently I know how impressive CGI can be in helping someone look like they are on fire - but that ain't it.

Horrible looking videogame quality FX.
The special effects look rather ropey!
awww... I like Nicholas Cage.  This movie has potential still.  
I can see him as Johnny Blaze, at least it is not Cage in as Superman.
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider Trailer

I don't know what's worst, Ben Affleck as Daredevil or Nicolas Cage as Ghost Rider.  The only promising thing, is that the beautiful Eva Mendes stars in the comic book flick.