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Gladiator EE Issues

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I hope this doesnt turn into another Back to the Future fiasco
Hmmmm I'm torn between the original and the EE.

The original having DTS, whilst the other has extended scenes, I can't understand why the studios don't release both versions in the same package like Fox does with their movies such as the Alien series or The Abyss.
True.  I really dont have a fancy set up at all at the moment, just hooked up the tv to the dvd player, no other connections to speakers or whatnot.  Hence why I was confused that half of the features on disc three I could hear, and the other half were silent.  Maybe it was an encoding issue that my player got confused with.  It's old and senile now you know Wink

Thanks for the help all, I'll be tinkerin around with it for a while.  Feel free to chat about the disc set here if youd like.  I'd love to hear other's reactions to the features Happy are you listening? Regular RCA stereo to a prologic receiver or an optical or coax cable to a digital one? If it's digital, try switching the ends around of the cable. If it's the analog option, your player could simply be too old.
Yeah, well, I tried it on my PC and the sound worked fine.

Maybe my player just cant read it for some is old, lol
Wow, That Sucks.
I'll keep my 2 Disc DTS ES Theatrical Version.
If the Extended Version had the DTS I would have got it.
Before you take it back, try it on other equipment first. If you can a PC. Generally if a computer can't read it, there's something majorly wrong.
- -
I would take it back Matt if the store is willing to exchange it...especially if you paid $ for it, you want good quality!
I'm a huge fan of the original movie, so when I first heard of this new cut, I was like "what the heck"

However, on the previous release, there were a lot of cut scenes that I wished had stayed in, as they added a lot to the story.  Well, here he has re-added quite a number of those cut scenes, as well as a few scenes never before released, and I must say none of them take away from the original, but add those extra layers we needed, especially to Commodus, to complete some of the extra characters.

I think one of the smallest, and best in some ways, of the additions was just a single line banter between Maximum and Quintus.  It works so well to complete the latter's character (and his 'sheath your swords' line makes much more applicable, lol)

Also, the new Documentary on the second disc is insanely good.  I mean up there with the LOTR making of's its that good.  I'm just astonished at the amount of information and such they had, but never included on the first release (obviously for lack of room at the time).

This is a must have for any Gladiator Fan and goes very well with the former 2-Disc set.  I'd go as far to say (and have heard other reviewers state as such) that really, between the two its a 5-Disc set of an Epic.  I'd have to agree Happy

(still, I'm wondering if I should take it back to have that third disc examined, my trailers need sound dang it, LOL)
I never saw the original cut of the film.
Is the EE film worth getting over the original cut?
Gladiator EE Issues
Hey everyone.  I was wondering if anyone else has had issues with Disc 3 (The Supplements) of their Gladiator EE set.  For some reason, Most the disc is without sound (like all the trailers, and the intro to deleted scenes and making of's that are on the disc)

Mainly wanting to know if this is a greater issue, or if I got a lemon Tongue

Thanks all!