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Go See Land of the Dead.

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Yeah, it really should've been a Halloween release, you guys are all correct.

I read a review that complained that this was the first time Romero didn't use a black man or woman as the main protagonist. I disagree, I think in a big way Big Daddy was the protagonist. The main dude wasn't exactly an antagonist, but mostly reacted to the events around him the whole film.

I really enjoyed the zombies as characters, but can totally understand why others wouldn't enjoy it.

I have to say the metaphorical meaning behind the fireworks and its use while fighting zombies really made my summer. It made a more powerful statement about the current politcal apathy than most of the post Michael Moore docs last year ever could.
Okay, Gabe, I saw it this weekend at the late midnight show here...pretty decent, but it felt short and jumped around from locale to locale and character to character too much. I really didn't care for the focusing in on the zombies as actual characters either, though I appreciate what Romero was tring to accomplish by doing so. It did have some excellent makeup and effects work though, KNB really came through with some unique and wild stuff...I loved the 'ripcord necked' zombie especially.
It would have done much better at the box office if it had been released closer to its original Halloween date where it wouldn't of had to compete with the big budget summer blockbusters such as ROTS and WOW and when folks who aren't genre fans are more apt to see this type of film. Leave it to Universal to screw up its release--they did the same thing to Peter Jackson's The Frighteners back in 1996 by releasing that film in the summer instead of its original Halloween date.
Heh the theatre near me is only showing it one time a day now. 9:00 pm. It was originally suppose to come out in October but they pushed up to June.
Ok, I'm seeing it again this weekend, so that lets you off the hook Mal, and I'm bringing a friend, so one of you doesn't have to go (you can decide whom amongst yourselves). However, I expect the rest of you to see it this weekend. Wink
Usually at Halloween they have sales for horror titles Happy
They should have brought it out in late October maybe. Horror movies usually work best around Halloween. At least, then when I would want to watch em.
Quote: Originally posted by Malcolm Campbell
One of my favourite DVDs is my Dutch copy of Dawn of the Dead, so keen to see it. Will probably wait for the DVD release though.

Nooo! It's failing at the box office. At this rate the Dawn remake, both Resident Evils and fucking House of the Dead are going to out sell it!!
What kind of message does this send hollywood?

"Why yes, we do like mediocre and shit zombie films...those good ones made by the genre creator, not so much..."

Say hello to 5 more years of PG-13 rated "horror-films" and bullet-time zombie blasting.

I'm interested in Land of the Dead. I'll probably go check it out.
One of my favourite DVDs is my Dutch copy of Dawn of the Dead, so keen to see it. Will probably wait for the DVD release though.
hard to top
Loved DOD, excellant for todays horrors.  To top LOR?  Just ain't no way Happy
Quote: Originally posted by Worst Nightmare
it's already hit the torrent sites...

Yeah but it's just a crappy cam version
it's already hit the torrent sites...
Go See Land of the Dead.
Don't ask questions, just go see Land of the Dead. If we pay to see GOOD zombie movies, perhaps we'll get more of them. If the Dawn remake and Resident Evil (both movies I enjoyed) out sell LOTD (which they most likely will) I will be sad. Sad

Trust me, it's good, not original Dawn of the Dead good, but good nontheless.