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Godzilla (1954) 2 disc set info.

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Manda of Mu wrote: The Godzilla episodes on MST3K were all public domain back then, nowadays Toho wouldve sued the hell out of them. All of the public domain films reverted back to Toho in the mid to late 90's.

I didn't think this was possible under the current laws.  I thought once something was public domain, it remained public domain and couldn't be re-copyrighted.  Anyone know for sure?
Here are some scans from the final product:
note:that orange label on the side is obviously removable, they are usually spotted on books in Japan.

No, because the rights to 85' were brought to WB (I think, its jumped studios more times then I can count) after New World Pictures went out of business and they have no real interest in releasing it. Anchor Bay wanted to do a two disc set of both 85' and the japanese version 'Return of Godzilla' some years back but were never able to secure the rights again.

The Godzilla episodes on MST3K were all public domain back then, nowadays Toho wouldve sued the hell out of them. All of the public domain films reverted back to Toho in the mid to late 90's.
Really? I thought Godzilla was too high quality for them.
Have they ever released Godzilla 1985? I loved that one, grew up watching it.

I think it's awesome that the upcoming MST3K vol.9 (or is it 10?) will feature a Godzilla episode. Def. getting it.
Incase anyone would like to know Classic Media is also releasing two other classic Godzilla flicks both featuring the American and uncut Japanese versions on November 7th.

US Version - 89 min
Japanese Version - 177 min

US Version - 78 min
Japanese Version - 160 min

Following that will be a box set containing the previous two plus Godzilla's Revenge, Ghidorah-the Three Headed Monster, Invasion of the Astro Monster (AKA Godzilla vs. Monster Zero), and Terror of Mechagodzilla, all featuring both US and Japanese versions. they will all be available seperate if you do not want to buy the whole set.

I heard a rumor though that the Japanese version of Terror of
Mechagodzilla might be cut as well because it containes nudity (Katsura's infamous breasts) as well as a suicide, but its only a rumor so take it as one.
The practice of matted widescreen, though pretty established in the US by 1956, didn't really catch on in Japan until much later.
IMDB says the aspect ratio of the film is 1.37:1.
rob murray wrote: count me in for this one, Native HD? you bet

Exactly what does that do for a 4:3 movie?  Anyone else surprised that this is a 4:3 movie?  I know it was 1954, but I thought most movies that came out that year were widescreen.
The trailer for the DVD has been added to the website
count me in for this one, Native HD? you bet
I believe the R2 had a additional documentry on the 'Lucky Dragon', the fishing ship that got too close to the radioactive zone and killed many when the radioactive fish were brought back. Which was the inspiration behind Godzilla. I was REALLY hoping that would have been on it, its such a tragic story from what iv'e read.
Very much like the R2 release except it doesn't have the US version.

Gojira/Godzilla double DVD technical specs and features:

Gojira (Godzilla)
•English subtitles
•Native HD master from 35 mm print
•Runtime: 95:59
•Black and White
•Aspect Ratio: 4X3
•Language: Japanese
•Single Sided DVD
•Commentary by Steve Ryfle and Ed Godziszewski
•16 page booklet detailing the making of Gojira and the story of the film's  importation to the U.S.
•Original theatrical Trailer
•“Making of the Godzilla Suit” featurette
•“Godzilla: Story Development” featurette

Godzilla: King of the Monsters
•Single sided DVD
•Commentary by Steve Ryfle and Ed Godziszewski
•Black and white
•Runtime: 78:59
•Aspect Ratio: 4X3
•Language: English
Its an amazing film, it is almost as if you are watching an entirely different movie since for Godzilla:King of the Monsters, the US producers cut out all the WWII references which really was the heart of the story (Godzilla was ment to represent the nuclear bombs dropped) because it was at a time where no one felt any sympathy for the bombing of Japan and to show a film in america basiclly saying "see what you did?" wasnt the greatest money maker, so they butchered it to hell, threw Raymond Burr in there, and turned it into another mindless radioactive monster on the loose flick.
I'm actually going to see a screening of the new print later this summer, pretty excited about it.

Never seen the original Gojira.
Godzilla (1954) 2 disc set info.
I can't wait for this beauty!