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Great Movie photos for preview of New Releases!

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Interesting site.  I forwarded the link to my kids for High School Musical.  They will get a kick out of it, since they all LOVE that flick.  I will look around some more later for myself.
Thanks for the response. Have a good one.
I did not say it is my fave. It is one of my fave. Photos captures the expression of the characters at that point in the movie. When you look at a movie photo, you can say, oh yeah, I remember that scene. That's why we have that "Guess the Movie" game before, remember?

Go check out the "Casino Royale" photo section. There are a lot, including Daniel Craig standing in front of the car used in the Bond film, and there are some behind the scenes photos as well eg. the Director telling Daniel how he wants the next scene.

Ponce, I don't collect movie photos personally, but I believe I have found the website that lets me preview a new release, other than movie trailers that don't show you very much. Especiall since Australia here is sooo slow in releasing movies in cinemas. This is a great way, on top of the synopsis and the trailers to see if I would have any interest in seeing a particular movie.

The Devil Wears Prada is really good!! It is a great insight as to how Fashion Magazines work! and Meryl Streep definitely deserves those Best Actress nominations and win, as well as Emily Blunt. Both nailed their roles. Too bad about Anne Hathaway. Not one nomination. I have already seen this film Six times!
Hi Mark

Can I ask why that photo is a favourite of yours? Honest enquiry. It's just that I've never been interested at all in photos from movies and can't understand the attraction despite having an interest in film. To me it's just a still from one of thousands. Do you collect photos as well?

Again, honest enquiry. Not seeking to ridicule in any way. Just looking for an insight into what it is about (in this instance) two actors caught in time going through a rehearsed scene. I haven't seen the film. Is this scene significant in any way? I can kind of see why posters appeal to people but random shots...I think I missed a meeting somewhere.
Great Movie photos for preview of New Releases!
Hi guys, I'd thought I share with you this gem of a website that has official movie photos from the studios, many of them has very nice caption down the bottom. There are lots of movie to pick from, and photos you've never seen before, unless you have seen the films.

New releases include "Freedom Writers", "Eragon", "The Good German", etc.

Check them out here...

Here is one of my fave...a scene from "The Devil Wears Prada"