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I'd take out everything from Halloween 2 right upto the remake and just leave it at one.
You see I hated that link to Michael rubbish in #5.  It destroyed the balls-out bleakness of #4 that gave us a killer child.  A continuation of those damaged genes.
Halloween 5 I would of gone in a different direction.  Jamie is not a mute.  The man in black gone.  Jamie still has a link to Michael.  Rachel doesn't die.
Less minor plot holes and vile so called friends of Laurie in "H 1".
More life to "H 2".
Not much to the underrated H 3".
Not much to "H 4", perhaps a bit more energy.
Destroy "H 5"
Tidy up "H 6"

Don't give a damn about the other one or the re-make.
I would cut out some stuff in H5.  The Man in Black entirely.  The stupid music for the clown cops.  Stuttering by Billy when it destroys the momentum of the story.  In fact, I think there's a fan edit like that.
Halloween Films
Forgive me if this has been done before, but since the remake is coming up i thought it might be fun. Out of the halloween sequels that you didn't like, how would you have changed them? I know that there won't be a lot of groundbreaking stuff here because most of these movies has to do with michael stalking and killing his victims, but out of the storyarchs that there are what would you change? For instance the man in black, or the curse of the thorn. What would have been a good storyline for H3 instead of the Silver Shamrock one? How would you have done it differently? I was just curious as to what you guys thought.