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Harry Potter 4 comes to Imax!

Forums - Discs & Movies - Harry Potter 4 comes to Imax! 


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To be honest, I've never even been to any IMAX screening. There just isn't anything I'd like to watch there so far, until the news of Harry Potter 4 came along. Looking forword to my first Imax experience.

Hey Jonny, thanks for the Imax link.
Quote: Originally posted by Mark Lim
 Originally, I thought Imax is only useful for Documentaries and 3D films. I didn't know it could show mainstream films.

It started off as just a world's fair type attraction for those sorts of things, but in-order to remain economically viable they've had to expand. Actually, I live about 10 minutes away from where it was invented and IMAX world headquarters.

From what I heard your not missing much by not seeing Apollo 13 IMAX. Well actually to be more accurate you are, like 20 minutes worth or something. That version is on the R1 DVD that just recently came out. The good thing with the matrix movies is that it wasn't cut at all.

If you get a chance at least once go. I recommend a movie made specifically for IMAX though. My first live action IMAX movie was michael jordan to the max. That was a truly eye-opening experience. There is a shot in it of downtown chicago that peers all the way to the other side of the city. The resolution is so high, that I was reading street signs and ads over that entire distance.

My local theater has another cool use for the screen. From time to time they hold PS2 and XBOX competitions on it.

Imax link
You Americans are so lucky. We didn't even get the Matrix movies in Imax here in Sydney. Not even the recent Apollo 13 remastered version for Imax.
The last movie that was offered here is "The Polar Express". Originally, I thought Imax is only useful for Documentaries and 3D films. I didn't know it could show mainstream films.
I've seen the matrix movies in IMAX.

Essientially, since the screen is shaped closer to 16x9 you watch the movie just like you are in a gigantic home theater. It's not cropped, it's letterboxed at 2.40:1 (or whatever it is) - The difference being that the pixels are filled in and remain uniform when its that large size. I wouldn't say there is any more detail, just a clearer idea of what everything looks like. Plus everything is so much bigger. The freeway chase in Reloaded for example, looked all actual size.

I'd see all my movies that way, but I have a problem with paying $18 per ticket when I can get the DVD for about the same later.
I thought IMAX has bigger screen than your average cinema. That is why I'm excited to see this Harry PotterWink
When I saw POA, they did no cropping at all, the picture just didn't fill the screen.  You guys all need to stop worrying so much.Explode
What's the point? It will be severely cropped from 2.35 to 1.66.
It will NOT be in 3D, it will simply be on an IMAX screen.  I saw POA in IMAX last year and it was 2D, so I assume this will be the same.
'Arry Pot-Ahhhh!


Harry Potter 4 comes to Imax!
I've just read from another movies website that Harry Potter 4 is going to be released in both commercial cinemas and all International Imax Theatres. How Sweet! Watching Harry Potter in 3d will be so much fun!

Here's the link: