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Have you ever won?

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And what about that other website digitalbits where the dvd competitions are open to anyone worldwide??
thats a well rubbish question on the Carptenter BD comp (yes only cos I dont know the answer and cant be arsed to google it)

UK only...
Just entered the Cottage comp.
That's because they can lose against the Aussies without whining.... Wink

Unfortunately none of them will give us any DVDs to give away. hat about all the Mexicans, Central/South American and all the Kiwis and Islanders? Never hear them complaining Wink
What is a real shame is that there are no region 4 competitions!!!!
I spose there are only around 21 million aussies.....
Fnarrr fnarr fnarr
That's no way to talk about your boyfriend.
*Empties pockets*.... a shoe nail..piece of blue glass...lovely bit of lint..knob from the bed upstairs
Hundreds? Really?

I honestly never thought that they attracted that much attention. Truth be told, I thought it was only in the bubble that is this website, no idea it was "out there"...
I will be blocking those automated entries soon. Some competitions get hundreds of entries, whilst the high profile ones get into the thousands.
Yes, as far as I know. We certainly don't discriminate, but we're not the ones sending out the prizes.
Are the competitions open to Irish residents Chris?? Ok so we rejected the Lisbon treaty but don't hold it against me.
Good thing we never have any decent titles Wink Joke, obviously. Why not check out our awesome Rambo competition now?
If it's a decent title, I think Tom usually wins.
It's something I've asked Mal to address, but unfortunately it's just another entry on the very long list of things to do for the site redesign. Believe me, it annoys me no end as well. I don't think studios/distributors care though, as long as people are exposed to their products.

Oh and Nic, I'm not above bribes Wink
It is quite annoying when people sign up just to enter a contest though.

I mean the point of the contest is to draw attention to the site and get more members but you want the members to stay and bring traffic to the site.

More often than not its:

"OMG! Site "X" is the greatest place ever! I can't believe they're giving away "X". They are so awesome for doing that."

*person registers, signs up for contest and forgets that site the same day *

That arises another problem, weeding out all the useless 1 day use accounts and leaving the people who are regular users.

Its just one of those things though where the positives weigh out the negatives ...
Haha great!
Git :p
To be honest I think a lot of them are people who never visit the site. We get listed on a lot of those competition site thingies (Loquax etc) and I'm fairly certain that a high proportion of entrants come via those. On the other hand, only a handful of people who visit the site comment regularly, so maybe they are regulars and just don't mention it.

However, if I ever pull your name out of the hat Nic I always put it back and try again on principal Tongue
I won "Why we Fight"
Have you ever won?
I feel like starting a BBC phone-in style conspiracy (Which would mean nothing to you yanks who use the site but oh well)

Has anyone here ever won one of the competitions DVD active ran?
I'm not having a strop cos I've never won, I'm just wondering cos  no one has ever mentioned winning or owt.

And to Mal, do you get many entrants? Are they usually randoms who drop in and enter or regulars?