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Have you met anyone famous? In person of course?

Forums - Discs & Movies - Have you met anyone famous? In person of course? 


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I think the size of Babs Windsors boobs are over imagined. Even back in the Carry On films, Carry On Camping for instance, she is clearly not overly endowed. They're on display sure but on display shouldn't mean 'she got big knockers'. I think corsettes and push up bra's added to the fact that she is quite small had a lot to do with it. I'm not on a 'kick Babs Windsor crusade by the way, it's just an observation. The actual fact is that she has breasts. And I'm sure they are perfectly adequate for the job.
Kylie Minogue twice and she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.
I saw Barbera Windsor a few years back, can't believe she's still got those big tits.
I missed meeting my idol, Sandra Bullock when she came to Sydney, Australia last year! I didn't even knew she was here to promote Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous! There went my opportunity for her autograph on my R1 Speed Boxed Set!
i met jim carrey! he came to our local theater with his family for the premier of "Bruce Almighty" he was open to meeting everyone hes great!
Marina Sirtis of Star Trek fame. Very down to earth and quite funny.
I was 15 at the time, Danny Thomas in the lobby of The Sands in Las Vegas, which has now been torn down.  My Mom carried a short conversation with him.  Wow, what a lot of make up he had on.  He mush have been doing a show somewhere.

I'm showing my age Happy
James Tully wrote: Tony DeFrancisco wrote: Tigerclaw wrote: Also, Jenna Jameson....yes Jenna Jameson. Lucky

TONY!!  Surely you are too young to be watching Ms Jamesons Flicks!  (just kidding - you watch what you please)
I never watched one of them, I was just meaning he was lucky to meet her, as she looks awesome, but I'm not getting into any of that.
I also met Bruce Campbell at a book signing. I was person number 300 of something like 302 people, and he was still polite and personable with me. Stand up guy.

When he was showing The Man With The Screaming Brain some friends of mine happend behind him on the escalator. One of them whispered "That's Bruce Campbell", and he turned around and said, "Someone's gotta be".
Tony DeFrancisco wrote: Tigerclaw wrote: Also, Jenna Jameson....yes Jenna Jameson. Lucky

TONY!!  Surely you are too young to be watching Ms Jamesons Flicks!  (just kidding - you watch what you please)

I made the unfortunate error of doing 'League of Gentlemen' impressions with a friend only to turn around and see the 3 actors in front of me! They laughed it off though and were nice.

I cheated my way into an interview with Richard E Grant. He was really friendly, he rumbled me and knew I wasnt a journalist - then he gave me free tickets to his show!

I have other such embarrassing stories which I wont go into!
Carol Burnett - Great Lady
Kate Jackson - b****
Marsha Mason - Nice
Carnie Wilson -Nice
David Bowie - Cool
Estelle Getty - b****
Lily Tomlin- Nice
Susan L. (of All My Children)-Nice
Cyndi Lapner- Acts like a teenager
GoGo's- Met 2 of them both were nice
Suzanne Summers- Very Nice

There is more. Kate Jackson (when I met her) was so rude (to everybody).  It p**sed me off because I always liked her!  When I met her I was so excited but I was shocked on how rude she was. Shhe was rude to everybody! Estelle Getty can't say anything nice period!  
Paul Daniels - it wasn't magic. Met a load of rugby players as well. Depends on what you call stars I guess. I don't really go looking for them cause I don't do star worship, but I might make an exception for Ms. Portman or Ms. Zhang.
Haven't actually 'met', but caught a brief glance of a few stars across the street from "The Incredibles" premiere. Also went to the latest book signing of Bruce Campbell's, along with a Q+A and screening of "Man with the Screaming Brain." Very crowded in that little art house theater, but a great guy.
Tigerclaw wrote: Also, Jenna Jameson....yes Jenna Jameson. Lucky
I met Jared Leto at a 30 Seconds to Mars/Incubus show. He was a nice guy.
When Megadeth toured here in the uk to promote the Risk Album I went to see them at Nottingham at the famous "Rock City" and the car park is next to where they park all the tour buses etc and one of the bus doors was open ,I could see someone  stood in the door I could see this person had long hair but kept walking when suddenly the guy walk out ... It was non other than Dave Mustaine ,The main man ,One of my hero`s.. I  stood gawping at him ,I just couldn`t believe it was him, stood infront of me and what did I do ... well with my heart racing ,Nerves building ,I just kept walking .....
"What are you doing" all my friends said "go over to him"
But I didn`t and it one of my big regrets...
I have a lot of near meetings.

Ernie Hudson was wondering the Minneapolis skyways with his family while I was on a lunch break. I decided to leave him alone though, seeing that he was with his family and people were bugging him left and right.

The first time I visited my mother in Teluride we passed Daryl Hannah walking to the supermarket. By the time we turned around she was gone. Appreantly she's a ninja.

A bunch of kids from my Highschool ditched class to walk downtown and meet Cheech Marin and Kevin Costner when they were filming that c**ppy golf movie. I decided I wasn't a big enough fan of either to step out of class.

Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn were filming something across the street from a summer art school I was attending when I was about 13. The teachers wouldn't let us leave.

and while attending a Foo Fighters/Red Hot Chilie Peppers concert, I was standing in the front row, doing my best to support the sub-par opening act when I noticed a really spazzy dude dancing next to me. I did my best to avoid his flailing limbs, and when it was done he walked around onto the stage and I realized it was Foo Fighters front man David Grohl. oops.

On the much smaller celebrity scale:

I was also best friends with one of Max Canon, the cartoonist behind Red Meat, and had a few nice conversations with him, and my highschool band opened for a little unknown band (at the time) called At the Drive-in. They were sweethearts.
A couple I've met just wandering about town were Martin Sheen and Dave Chappelle. Martin Sheen I met at a local coffee house right before Spawn came out; we talked to him about that movie and some of the theatre work he was doing in the area at the time for a good half hour. Dave Chappelle I met while a friend of mine and I were browsing through the music section at Best Buy last year. It was shortly after Season 2 of his show came out on DVD and my friend was picking it up that day and carrying it around with him. Chappelle apparentely noticed that, approached us and said, while standing behind us, "I heard that show was funny". It was then that we looked away from whatever CD we were checking out to see who it was talking to us.
I've meet Michael Madsen (Kill Bill) very tall but very nice.  Also, Jenna Jameson....yes Jenna Jameson.
George Romero,Tom Savini,Jean Michel Jarre,Whitley Strieber,Ken Foree,John Rhyss Davis,John Glen,Maryam D'abo,Marina Sirtis,Caroline Munro,....gotta say though...i am sooo envious at a previous poster having met Jim Cameron.

Ive met dozens of famous people and keep meaning to make a list, but havent gotten around to it yet. Might work on it though
The aging rock priestess, Stevie Nicks. I met her in Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport. I actually followed her into a small shop to tell her how much I admired her music (arghhhh!). Why did I have to get star struck?? Anyway, she smiled, shook my hand and charged me for an autograph (just kidding). She was gracious, friendly and much shorter than I had imagined.
Frank Darabont. Talked with him after a screening of his. Had no preconceptions of him beforehand, but he seemed a genuinely nice sort.

Michael Caine. Another nice guy. Stops what he's doing to acknowledge those around him when most wouldn't.

James Cameron. Very nervous with this one. He was very pushed for time and I was warned a meeting might not happen but it did. And he was very gracious. Got books signed and he posed with me for a photo. That has been the highlight for me.

George Lucas. Only a brief exhange with him. Very reserved when out and about. This was while he was in London scoring Ep 3.

Samuel Jackson. This was just a walk past but the man has a cool breeze that touches all who are in the vacinity. Very good Q&A. He took on some very cheeky audience members.
I didn't really meet any actors and actresses, but if famous people go, I met some team members from the Philadelphia Eagles. That was when T.O. was still on the team though, hehe.
Have you met anyone famous? In person of course?
Today, a popular one time actress of a popular movie came up to the bar in the hotel where I work, and ordered some lunch and drinks for consumption by the pool. She's none other than Nia Vardalos of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" Fame. She was really nice in person. She did stay in the hotel with her family.
So my question is whether any of you have met anyone famous in person, and has meeting them and talking with them changed the way you think of them from the movies/ TV?