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Have you met anyone famous?

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I've met the following:
Nancy Sinatra backstage at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

David Prowse (Darth Vader) & Gunner Hansen (Leatherface) at Forbidden Planet in Croydon.

Jon Pertwee at a Doctor Who celebration of the 1971 story THE DAEMONS in Aldbourne, Wiltshire.
I've me two other Doctors Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy at various HMV signings.

I work in an electrical retail store and have spotted several celebs over the years who live nearby, including; Tom Baker, Vic Reeves and Nancy Sorrell, Bob Mortimer, and er..... The Cheeky Girls.
Most recently spotted Kenneth Colley in the store the other week. He played Admiral Piett in Empire Strikes Back/Return Of The Jedi and also featured in Firefox as Colonel Kontarsky.

Oh, and I met Katie Price/Jordan a couple of years ago at Bluwater shopping centre during one of her book signings.
I also got Carmen Electra's autograph up at Kings Island last year during their employee Reunion get together.
A few weeks ago I met Fish (prog god) :-)
I've met Jeremy Mcgrath, Travis Pastrana, Jerry Rice, and Joe Montana. Many Pro Surfers including Peter Mel, Alana Blanchard, a bunch of O'Neal Pro's, and Rob Machado. Yeah basically sports super stars. Never met any movie stars. I once saw Fabio at a Supercross race. Everyone was razzing him, was classic.

Who I'd like to meet: Spielberg, Malick, Tarantino, Michael Bay, Robert Rodriguez, Elisha Cuthbert, Clint Eastwood, Ridley Scott and Jet Li.

But honestly I am not into the whole celebrity thing.

Nic Mall wrote: This one time. I met Jesus. And punched him in the mouth.
True story.

Oh yeah! I met Odin and Pele. Later I sat and watched them both beat the s**t out of Jesus. He really does make a great punching bag.
I've meet (as in atleast seen for more than a few seconds)a bunch of celebs... including...

-Tom Cruise
-Henry Winkler
-Alexis Bledel (Sin City/ Gilmour Girls)
-Guy Pearce
-Thora Birch
-Rick Moranis
-Two dudes from PRISON BREAK (never watched the show, so don't know their names)
-Dr. Phil (complete Douche)

David Lynch - Book signing at Barnes and Nobles. Terrifying, but nice.

Crispin Glover - Went to a screening of a crazy weird film he made and he signed my Willard dvd afterwards. Talked to him for a few minutes about his mo-cap work in Beowulf. Really nice guy, despite his creepy image. His father, Bruce Glover, was there too. And he was in Chinatown, so that automatically makes him awesome.

Fred Savage - Went to a screening event of "The Wizard" with him, the director Todd Holland, and the kid who was the wiz in the movie, Luke Edwards. All very nice and all autographed a sweet poster they made for the event.

Bud Cort - Screening of Harold and Maude. Seemed like a nice guy but not all that outgoing. Very introverted.

I've also seen Quentin Tarantino at the opening night of a local movie theater. He was in the restroom though, and just finished some nasty business. Didn't seem like the appropriate place for a meet and greet.

Aside from that, the Duplass brothers, and every member of the Upright Citizen's Brigade except for Amy Poehler.

Warwick Davis !!!
Met Darren Aronovsky just after seeing Requiem For A Dream at the London Film Festival, and was lucky enough to meet the late Alan Bates on many occasions as he used to be a customer at the store where I work. Also met Diana Dors and Brian Clough.
I have met Josh Hutcherson at the sneak previews of RV and Journey to the Center of the Earth at the theaters near me. I also met Chyna formerly of the WWE at the carshow, along with Vern Troyer and his buddy Phil Fondacaro who played Roland on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I also met another local celebrity who ran the Fox 19 kids club near where I live, and his name is Michael Flannery. I have also met some older stars whose names escape, but I will update later with some more tales of meeting famous people.
I just met Craig Jackson from I love money at a Up All Nite audition this last weekend.... I've also met Tony Todd, Gary Busey, Dante Basco, Bai Ling, Charlie Murphy...and a few more i can't remember right now.
Bruce Campbell at a gig at Kent State, that was awesome. Also met Karl Rove in Texas and that left me feeling uncomfortable for days.
i met doug bradley at the harbour lights cinema in southampton a few years back & got him to sign my lement boxset.met paul blake who played greedo from star wars.
Whats up everyone, long time no see. Lets see, The Rock, Carla Gugino, Casper Van Dien, Jolene Blalock, Corey Feldman, Autumn Reeser, Summer Glau, Lena Headey, Brian Austin Green, Lloyd Kaufman, and thats just off the top of my head. I've met or seen many many more in person. Oh and for you super nerds I HAVE touched Jolene Blalock, Autumn Reeser and Summer Glau ;-)

That's quite a bit more since my last post.
Everyone from Metallica to Chuck Berry to Kiss. As far as actors, I've Reeve...the guy that played Dr. Smith on Lost In Space (TV show, not Gary Oldman). Some others...
I live outside of Minneapolis MN USA. Summer of 2008 Jeremy Sisto of Six Feet Under and Law & Order filmed an independent film in the city with Kristin Chenoweth of Pushing Daisies and Broadway's WIcked. I stood around on a street corner watching the production and a director told me that Sisto was busy. I said I'd stay out of the way. About half an hour later Sisto came up from behind me and tapped on my shoulder. I turned around surprised and shook his hand and thanked him for talking with me. he was very nice, said he had some time and liked talking with people. We discussed a great show he did called "Kidnapped" and how I'd seen every episode, and it was funny that Carmen Ejogo from that show had just guested on L&O whil Linus Roache, also a Kidnapped regular, had joined the show. He told me Dick Wolf was a big fan as well which was how they, and a couple other Kidnapped people I hadn't seen had gotten gigs on L&O. He mentioned she's married to Jeffrey Wright. Then we talked about Kristin briefly and he told me to come back one day so I can meet her. he'd introduce me! He just me! I was never able to take him up on that sadly. But then he signed an autograph for me and my mother, who had also seen "Kidnapped" and went back to work. Tall guy. Over 6 feet.

Also shook hands with Jesse Ventura at the MN State Fair during his term as governor. WEAK handshake.

Went to a Michelle Obama rally at a local college and happened to walk right by her departing motorcade as I went back to my car. I was on a side with no barriers and there were only 6 or so of us, but with the Secret Service nearby we didn't dare move off the grass into the parking lot. As they drove off she began to wave so I stuck out two big thumbs up. She gave a quick chuckle and gave me a thumbs up back
I almost got in a fight with the kid that played Anakin in Episode I
Mr Rogers from Mr Roger neighborhood.  When i was a small lad.  Wounded me for life.
I made Adrienne Wilkinson do her Livia Scream when I met her.... nobody watched Xena... oh well Sad

Very friendly. Did you not see him cut that poor cops ear off?

Trick question obviously as it was all 'off camera'.
I've met Michael Madsen (Kill Bill, Donnie Brasco).  Tall guy, but very friendly!
Tricky Dicky wrote: I have bet both Minogues and Girls Aloud.


What's a Girls Aloud? Sounds like a lesbian bar. :-S

I've met a lot of sports stars, a few movie actors, singers, etc.. I'm actually due for another celeb encounter, my last was about 2 years ago when I hung out with Julie Stoffer of MTV's real world and Electric Playground fame.
Oh I met Lynch as well, he was really nice! He is my hero, I shook for 2 hours afterwards.
I met David Lynch at a book signing, got my picture taken with him.
I met Terrell Owens when the Niners used to hold there summer camp here in Stockton, California. I first saw him driving to the parking lot and I approached him with others but he declined to sign anything. then I saw him the next day he was signing things for fans and he was pretty cocky. I handed him a clip board with his cardon it and when he returned it he signed the cipped board instead of the when I asked him if he could sign the card..he simply said..Do you want it or not man? so I moved on to Garcia who was more of a loner. He was Talkactive but he was cool. He signed my card. Then when I was visiting vegas..I was wondering around the Bellagio or whatever...this was during the time they were filming Ocean's 13..I saw the little asian guy and the FBI agent..whatever their names are...I didn't say one noticed them...I saw Sean Penn in San Francisco..and Bret Hart was at our local bowling alley..I got to talk to him for a while..this was a while back..I must've been about 11 or 12. The band Incubus surfs around Venice. My buddies and I saw Brandon Boyd. He had a parade of funs around him though. And Jerry McNerney...and Ben and Jen Affleck while we were supporting McNerney they joined the campaign. many more...
I have bet both Minogues and Girls Aloud.

Didn't actually meet him but Warwick Davis sat in front of me once at a screening of Star Wars, needless to say i had no trouble seeing the film.
On several occasions, I have met Hedda Lettuce, voted Drag Queen of the Year in 2005. Hedda hosts a weekly classic film series on Thursday nights. The show is interactive with Hedda adding commentary throughout the entire film.

This past week was "Mommie Dearest"-Hedda came gowned as Joan Crawford complete with wire hanger.
Nic Mall wrote: This one time. I met Jesus. And punched him in the mouth.
True story.

I do that daily (metaphorically speaking), what with the pre-marital relations and being a registered Democrat.
This one time. I met Jesus. And punched him in the mouth.
True story.
Have you met anyone famous?
Mark Lim wrote: I met Catherine Zeta Jones in Sydney last night at the Australian PREMIERE of her new film "Death Defying Acts". It was amazing! I wanted her to autograph two of my fave movies she's in, but she says...."One at a time, guys!". I love her welsh english accent!

A Welsh, English accent.. now there's something for you! I'm not sure those in Wales would be happy with you calling it that. Tongue

I recently met Sheila Ferguson and Rowetta at a show in Sunderland. They were both lovely.
I've met about every major New York Giants player from the last 5 or 6 years. I live in Rutherford and they play in East Rutherford. Strahan sometimes watches me n my friends when we play at the field across from his townhouse.
The few people I met are big names in my country, no one famous worldwide.
I almost ran over Liev Schreiber, I was at a stop sign and as soon as I took my foot off the break he wizzed by me on a bicycle causing me to slam on my breaks and asking myself "was that just Liev Schriber?!"...I slowed down and the dirty look he gave me confirmed it was him.....jerk.

I also met a heavily drunken steve-o at my old bar.

And not really falling into the category of meeting anyone but one of Donald Trump's "houses" (Mar-a-Lago) is about 5 minutes from me and I see him all the time (once even on the interstate) .
I've never met anyone famous but I've been 15 feet away from Ozzy Osbourne
Her accent is some kind of transatlantic abomination nowadays; certainly doesn't sound all that Welsh to me any more.

But yes, I've met several famous rugby players. I also met Paul Daniels once. Did I like him? Not a lot.
Have you met anyone famous?
I cannot be bothered looking for the other one.....

Anyway, for those who have seen or met anyone famous recently, tell us about them.

I met Catherine Zeta Jones in Sydney last night at the Australian PREMIERE of her new film "Death Defying Acts". It was amazing! I wanted her to autograph two of my fave movies she's in, but she says...."One at a time, guys!". I love her welsh english accent!