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You might want to look on the AVForums for a player. People are selling them on there, but the prices are still holding at around the £100 mark.
You found me out! Shocked

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Very Happy

I'm just kidding. We don't always strip you naked. Wink

Chris Gould wrote: This.

Oh of course.
Shame on me.

And no, I haven't been to Canada...Why?
Have you never been to Canada?
Hmm $120 isn't bad..

And does anyone know what Chris is on about?
Nic_Mall wrote: Around $60 you punk. Maybe more in flappy head canadian dollars...they're not worth anything are they?

scottmck wrote: Worth more than USD these days, aren't they?

Well I do declare madame, the nerve! lol Wink

Canuk bucks have been worth more or less the same as US bucks for the last 2 years. Right now I think they're at $0.95 cents US, but they fluctuate to as much as $1.05 US depending on the time of year and the price of oil.

It's been great for buying things across the border since it's still such a HUGE rip off to shop here.

As for the original question, if you can find an HD DVD player at all anymore the cheapest I've seen is about $120.
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I'm not your pal, buddy
Worth more than USD these days, aren't they?
Around $60 you punk. Maybe more in flappy head canadian dollars...they're not worth anything are they?
If I knew what thirty quid was I'd at least know if I had an

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did you ever stop to think that maybe Toshiba got it wrong?...It was Toshiba who invented it..right?
It's a fekkin trademark and everyone writes it incorrectly! I'm just trying to educate as well as entertain Wink
Chris Gould wrote: HD DVD (no hyphen)
********* pedantic sod.
I'm happy that I've got 2 for my meager collection of about 15 movies.  Happy
Not that many HD DVD (no hyphen) players around nowadays because the hardware has been discontinued. Haven't seen a standalone for that price.
HD-DVD players
Is it possible to get a HD-DVD player for less than thirty quid yet? (That isn't the X-Box one) I've just ordered the Star Trek remastered set (Only £17.95!) and want to try out the HD-DVD side.

Yes, I know it's a dead format, but at that price it was worth it for the DVD side alone.