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The first one was very good, and this one was even better. I'm getting the 3-disc for Christmas.
i enjoyed the first one and didn't get a chance to check this one out.

worth a blind bluray buy?
The 2-disc BD (RA) of this just shipped to me, i'll probably get it tomorrow. Will update with my impressions of it if i get it.

EDIT: Got it today (october 31st) and the first thing that strikes me when looking at the packaging is the fact that the center image on the o-card slipcase is a lenticular image that changes from the movie version of Hellboy to the comic book version of him if you tilt it to the left. The transition is so smooth you almost can't see it. Really cool!

The BD Live features aren't yet available, as the BD is released November 18th, so i can't tell you if they're of any use. The disc says to check if my player is connected via the ethernet port (which it is).

Haven't had the time to check out the U-Control features yet.

Youtube video of the cover:
I thought the movie was sound as it is.The story was well played out the actors all had their moments to shine and it wasn't too long and drawn out like movies are starting to become.
why the digital copy madness again WHY!

the 3 disk set for HB was a solid set.

carry the tradition. unless they plan for a DC
Here is some early details....

Universal Studios Home Video have revealed some early details on their forthcoming Region 1 DVD release of Guillermo Del Toro’s Hellboy II: The Golden Army. No release date has been specified (though retailers point toward 18th November) but we do know you can expect single-disc ($29.98 SRP), three-disc Special Edition ($34.98 SRP) and three-disc Collector’s Edition ($59.98 SRP) versions.

The single-disc will be available in separate Widescreen and Full Screen editions, while the three-disc Special Edition release will feature the Widescreen presentation of the film and two bonus discs with “over three hours of bonus content”. One of the discs will feature a digital copy of the film. You also get Lenticular packaging (available for a limited period).

Lastly, the 3-Disc Collector’s Edition throws in a Limited Edition Golden Army Statue and excerpts from the journal of Guillermo del Toro.

Potential extras that have recently passed through the BBFC:

Director’s Commentary
Deleted Scenes with optional commentary
Gag Reel
Troll Market Tour with Guillermo del Toro (12mins)
Epilogue (aka Zinco Epilogue) (5mins)
Professor Broom’s Puppet Theatre (3mins)
Director’s Notebook (11mins)
Set Visits (17mins)
Video Prologue & Intro to Puppet Theatre (5mins)
Mike Mignola Creator Gallery with commentary (36mins)
Hellboy: In Service of the Demon Part 2 (63mins)

Some early artwork follows…
Saw this last night and for the first time in a very long time, I left the cinema with a big silly smile on my face thinking about the previous hour and fifty.

Everything about the first Hellboy movie is continued and improved on. Ron Perlman is again perfect in the title role and Doug Jones takes over from 'Niles Crane' in the voice department to now fully inhabit the character of Abe Sapien.

The stand out moment for me though wasn't the monsters and effects. As with the first Hellboy, it was the quite character moments that gave heart to the film, and Hellboy 2 is no exception. I won't spoil for others what was my favourite moment in the film but it involves Red and Abe sharing one of these quite moments. What Del Toro has done with the scene is outrageous. The audience was laughing at the absurdity of it (in the context of a monster flick) and I was bordering or welling up and laughing at the same time.

Maybe the moment will be unrepeatable on a second viewing or on DVD but for that screening, with that audience, the scene was magic, lightning captured, and because of it it has to beat The Dark Knight (for me) as best Summer Film.

Hellboy 2 is my favourite film of the year so far. It's made me feel like a kid again. It stands as a reminder as to what these summer films should be aiming to be and highights others in this category as they show up at the cinema severly wanting.

There aren't enough Nolan's and Del Toro's out there. If you see 2 summer films this year make your 2nd one Hellboy 2.
And again...
They Better Have One, So It Can Go With My 3 Disc Directors Cut Of The First One.
Universal loves 3 discs so it will probably have one.
hell boy 2
anybody other than myself hoping for a 3 disk directors cut?