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hello! Cool :crazy: Shocked
Quote: Originally posted by Karl Scadding
Why was it closed up anyway?

It wasn't really popular enough the last time we opened it. We get lots of visitors but apparently most of them are highly unsociable Wink
Why was it closed up anyway?
Well, the forum is back once can all come out of the closet again now!
Another Forum on another DVD site!!!
looking good though, maybe
I'll get time to use this one more....
Quote: Originally posted by Roland Smith
hopefully this will have a larger user base

12 members isn't exactly hard to beat :p
Yo! It's me, it's me, its Davey!

(and fix the spelling Mal Happy)
Hi Everyone, well done on the forum guys, looks great. Happy
Hi all,

Good to see the message board up and running. Nothing like a good ol' forum to get the movie discussion going.

Hopefully we can get quite a bit of talk in here, much more than the late DVDforumz.

In the meantime, go and read the reviews or (my) articles. There's a thread about The Golden Scenes so if you've got anything you'd like to say, stick it in there.

Now off to finish off the Cats & Dogs review.

Hiya everyone
Who me?

...of course this is my real name... Happy

"Include Signiture?" ... as in 'sign-iture' ... signa... mumble... noooo.

Good luck - nice to see the new forums.


Goodo, welcome to the forums...nice to see some new faces as well as some old ones! And yea, I agree, it's quite nice seeing proper names rather than hiding behind an ID....I'm sure some people will disagree with me tho Wink
Works for me too.  Wink
Nice to have a forum where people are not afraid to use their own names, I can never think of anything when asked for a screen name, which explains the Motard tag on the old forum Sad
Our plot has been uncovered....
Quote: Originally posted by Roland Smith
...and not just when other forums have been hacked.

Mal...cancel the hacker will you...don't think we'll get away with that tactic again! Wink
Hi all, 'bout time you got this up Happy, been ages since the forumz closed, hopefully this will have a larger user base and not just when other forums have been hacked.
Definitely works!
This is a great site, guys. It's helped me out alot since joining. Thanks
Alright nice of you to support this wonderful family venture Wink You can piss off now tho...hehe Happy
God, this isn't looking in the least bit sad Happy
Greetings Brother
So it does work! Hi Guys
Well it's only us sad buggers at present, but hopefully things will pick up over the next few weeks. Someone think of some interesting topics to post about in the other forums! Happy
Well, it seems to be working... ya big purple poof! Wink
Hey everyone! Hopefully we now have a fully functional messageboard for you to use. I say 'hopefully' cuzz Mal isn't well known for faultless coding Wink Anyways, if you're reading this...register/login and reply here....just to see if the messageboard can handle more than 1 post if anything Wink Anyway, I hope you enjoy this new feature...I'm hoping we will have a comments system up very soon so that you can slate our reviews! See you around...