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help bring the video dead on region 1 dvd

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It's the Avatar on the left of your posts. You register at and it allows you to have the same avatar at any site that supports it without having to set up a new one each time, so Charmane Star follows me wherever I go.
Go on then. As I'm not 'down wid da kids', what's a Gravatar when it's a Gravatar. Is the answer going to be like the punchline to a bad joke?
Speaking of which, nice Gravitar Tongue
Meh, I'd rather see the complete muppet babies on DVD than this. Never heard of it.

Also, you saw this when you were little? Was I the only kid in the world who didn't watch horror stuff?
I forgot. Sarcasm doesn't cross the pond too well.

You've done a lot of work and your Mother should be proud.

Well done sir.
yes i love it since i frist seen it on the usa network when i was little
I'm still not sure. Do you like this film or not?

if you have myspace please add this friend he is trying very hard to get an official region 1 dvd of the video dead

also he talked to mgm and they replied by saying this

Okay so I spoke to the MGM rep so here's the deal;

She's going to recommend to Fox that they look into releasing the title, they're going to research it, see if it really has reached a cult status amongst the horror community, as well as the general film community, and if the release will be worth their time.

So here's what I've done, I set up a MySpace page - - and with the help of the folks who want it on DVD, and other fans of the film as well as the band who got their band name from the film's title, who has generously offered to help out, hopefully this page will be loaded with comments and friends that will convince MGM and Fox, yes it is a marketable title, yes it has reached cult status and yes it will be worth the time to release on DVD.

The page is pretty plain to look at right now, but I'm working with someone on making it a lot more pleasing to the eye but that may take a few days before that happens, and in this business - waiting isn't optional.

So send the page to your friends, post it on other message boards, send your comments and what not - and let's get this sucker out!

i also talked to someone at mgm and they said they are considering it and told me to send an email to

spread the word

Okay - so here's the deal, MGM is currently looking into the rights they have in the film (music, artwork, etc.) and providing that all checks out we may see a DVD release of the film by February.

However, this is NOT concrete. There may be rights issues, they may license it out through another company - I believe Shout Factory is in talks with grabbing some MGM titles and now this one may be included - or they may just throw it on a few channels or on iTunes.

But this a direct quote from MGM;

"If everything checks out, it will get released somehow – maybe iTunes, maybe MGM’s HD channel, maybe through Fox, maybe through another DVD distributor….but I’ll keep you posted."

So there you have it folks, somehow, someway THE VIDEO DEAD will be making its way into our homes and it's all thanks to everyone who participated in the campaign and helped get the word out there.

You guys are awesome and I appreciate everything you guys have done.

Everyone except Dentists who I'm now happy to say; TOLD YA SO B***H! Haha! I

The page is going to remain up until a definite release date is planned, I'm also going to keep MGM updated on the status of the page - friend requests, emails, comments, etc. - until the film does come out in some form.

Now if it doesn't make it to DVD but makes it to the MGM HD channel or iTunes, this still did work. Because obviously if it does well or enough people watch it when it comes on, a DVD release will happen eventually. Again it may not be through MGM or Fox, but they are the ones who are going to license it out through someone else so it is still THEIR decision as to whether or not it will come out.

So it's no longer a question of "if" now, it's just "when".