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That's all cool.  I think I was just in a biotchy mood when I read that. and felt like defending total internet strangers for no good reason.  I was unaware of the original posters continuance of repetitive postings. Happy

Also, I am still not to excited about Nacho Libre. Sad
This person has been asking the same question over the last many months or so. I have no problem with that. It is just that "Help" is a waste of post if the question is just for release dates, that are not even confirmed yet. I'd like to see a better use of "Help". Hope this clears up what I've been trying to say. And see, so far the release dates are correct! Nacho Libre is confirmed for Oct. 24th!
Someone came here asking a question, and got slightly heckled. Who'da thunk it?   Did the poster use perfect english?  No.  Was the question written in a language to difficult to understand? No.  

I am glad to see the question did get answered.
Mark Lim wrote: And I DID NOT just use dvdaficionado. I also used digitalbit's rumor mill - since they used video industry sources!!
No need to get all worked up, I was just trying to be helpful...
Just click on this site
But at least all these films that I have listed WILL BE out on R1 DVD before year's end. That's much better than getting DVD's here in Australia. I can already predict with last year's trend, that most of these films won't be released on DVD in Australia till 07! Australian cinemas are too damn slow. Half these movies have not even been released in cinemas yet! Including World Trade Center - due in October.

And I DID NOT just use dvdaficionado. I also used digitalbit's rumor mill - since they used video industry sources!!
When we know the official details and the studios allow us to, we'll let you know. And Mark, I wouldn't take anything on dvdaficionado as scripture; just like IMDB most of that is user entered and not the most reliable source for info. Looking at that list and recalling dates off the top of my head I know that at least a couple of them are incorrect.
Dark Dude wrote: Im Sorry Guys I Just thought since its dvd place I thought I ask. Sad thanks any howEnglish Fernando, English?
Im Sorry Guys I Just thought since its dvd place I thought I ask. Sad thanks any how
If you actually read the post it doesn't actually contain a complete question anyway. 'Does anybody know when?' followed by a list of films is not a complete question.
Can somebody please hit this guy in the head for asking silly and unimportant questions like release dates!???

To me, help is more in the line of dvd hardware, problems with your home theatre, can't pick which system to buy, etc...Not stupid questions like release dates. Don't you have anything better to do?

Anyway, the best place for release dates is in, as you do a search.

Oct. 24th
Monster House
Nacho Libre

Nov. 07th
Little Man

Nov. 14th
The Da Vinci Code
John Tucker Must Die

Nov. 21st
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
You, Me & Dupree

Nov. 28th
Ant Bully
My Super Ex Girlfriend
See No Evil
Superman Returns

Dec. 05th
Clerks II
Pirates Of the Carribean: Dead Men's Chest
Snakes on a Plane

Dec. 12th
Barnyard - The Original Party Animals
The Devil Wears Prada
Miami Vice
World Trade Center

Dec. 19th
All The King's Men
The Lady In The Water

Dec. 26th
Gridiron Gang
Jackass II
The Last Kiss

Jan. 16th
Open Season

Monster House will be announced very soon.
Da Vinci Code, I've heard rumours of October AND December
Superman will arrive in November (see other Superman threads, I posted all the info I found)

As for the others... Sorry, can't help you.
Does anybody know when...
The Da Vinci Code
Nacho Libre
See No Evil
Superman Returns
& Monster House
Thanks In Advance