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Hitachi P505 DVD Player - playing in black and white

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Thanks for your suggestions guys.  It does not seem to be a cabling problem as it uses just a single scart lead running from the player to the TV.  I tried 2 different leads and both TV scart sockets.  It is the DVD player rather than the disk as the logo appears in black and white before I load any disc and anyway I've tried multiple discs now.  I've gone through every permutation of set up that I can see which made no change.  Then finally I followed up with Hitachi and downloaded the instruction manual but this says nothing about troubleshooting for a B+W picture.

So thanks again for your help but I think I'll just have to put this one down to experience!

I suspect you are palying an NTSC disc in it and possibly your TV is not NTSC compatible - is this the case? What disc are you trying, are they NTSC and hold old and what brand is you TV?
could be a setting in the player. I have a samsung that for some reason has a black and white playback feature. Go through the menu's and look to see if you have some kind of playback method that alludes to it.

You can always surf the UK branch of the Hitachi site to find instructions or support.
Sounds more like a cabling or connection problem than a problem with the player.
Did it come with anything useful?
Hitachi P505 DVD Player - playing in black and white
hi - I'm hoping someone out there has a Hitachi P505 and can help with what is hopefully a simple question.  I just picked up this DVD player second hand with no instructions.  Now I'm setting it up and for some reason it only plays in black and white.  Does anyone know if this is just needs a simple adjustment please and, if so, how I go about doing this?

Many thanks for any help people can give.