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Oh well sorry guys, Looks like I will just get it cheap of ebay then.

and sorry for saying the site was lieing
I also bought the UK release thinking it was the same as the R1 release (why wouldn't it be?). Unfortunately it's not.
Danny Storr wrote: come on give this guy a break

Ordinarily I would agree with you but someone who starts off by saying "This site has posted lies" isn't really playing by the rules of how to make friends and influence people Wink
In the words of Andy Millman 'Are you 'avin a laugh?' I know I am.
come on give this guy a break ... the covers are identical..
aaah! D'Oh
Beat you to it Tongue


if you bought it from the US it would have those features
Nic Mall wrote:
Blaaah it wont work.

oh thats to bad

Blaaah it wont work.

I don't think I understand, Can you get the finger puppets out?
This is too easy, it's bordering on cruel. The story you read on this site was for the REGION 1 version (thats the AMERICAN version).
Still with me or shall I get the finger puppets out?
The version you "baught" is the  REGION 2 (UK) version....which doesn't have the same features (extras stuff) as the American version. The story you read was right, you just "baught" the wrong DVD.
What ever!!!
all the other special features are there apart from the ones I mentioned, I also have the other dvd (the first one released)
He "baught" the region 2 version.(Which came out ages ago without all the fancy stuff on it) The dummy didn't read the story properly.


Jayluke2006 wrote: I baught it on monday fron woolworths, I live in Scotland

You sure you baught it and didn't nick it? Heh heh

I don't know how or why I quoted all of that.
I baught it on monday fron woolworths, I live in Scotland
I wonder where you "baught" the DVD at, considering it doesn't hit stores until the 21st of November? Unless you actually have the R2 version, which we didn't post any lies on.

Chances are they posted info on the REGION 1 version, not the region 2.
This site has posted lies about the features for the new Home Alone Dvd, these include: "commentary with director Chris Columbus and Macaulay Culkin which I was really looking foward to hearing! & "'smell-o-vision' feature", an Angels with Filthy Souls feature" again really looking foward to that"

These features are not in the dvd, Shame I really wanted to hear the commentary with director Chris Columbus and Macaulay Culkin thats why I baught the dvd !!!