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Home Theater Setup

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65" Mitsubishi 65615 Television
Onkyo TX-SR602 7.1 Receiver
Cerwin Vega Speakers (Fronts, center, surround, sub-woofer)
Toshiba DVD with HDMI
Toshiba DVD Multi-region
Sony VCR w/S-Video
PS2, XBOX, Gamecube
1500+ DVDs, 400+ VHS

61" Sony rear projection Television
Toshiba DVD
Sony 5.1 Reciever
Sony Speakers

Oh...and my framed, non-reproduction (circa 1978-1983), original Star Wars Trilogy posters hanging in the T.V. room too...can't forget about those.
Why is it that DLP has sharper looking pictures and LCD/ CRT has better looking vivid colours??

Why can't we have both on a projector?
DLP also has the multi-speed wheels and multiple colour wheels (on the single chip versions) also have helped eliminate the rainbow effect.
I couldn't see those darn pictures either
Ya know im one of those people who can't really see the rainbow effect of DLP. It's being eliminated in new 3 chip processing methods, so maybe I'll get deal on a high end projector from today, in the future.

I couldnt see the stupid halloucinate  pictures in those books you were supposed to see after staring at em for hours on end either.
In regards to the projector. I also forgot the model I bought. I know it is the standard cheap model but still good at AU$2999. The contrast ratio is 2000:1 and the lumens is 1200. I find the projector really good, but with light from windows during the day, picture is not as good as watching movies at night. I do have blinds on all the windows, but light still gets through underneath!
Actually, I couldn't remember how big my screen is, so I made up a figure. I know it is bigger than 200cm but less than 300. I can't even remember the equivalent into inches!

Sorry guys. Hope I'm not being stupid.
Quote: Originally posted by Mark Lim
I have a Infocus 4800 DLP Projector
And how do you find it? Do you see the rainbow artifacts? How much did it cost? Did you get it from Down under?
Wow is is 2.54cm. Thank goodness for google.
You could also use a calculator....
It is actually 2.54cms - I had to use this quite a bit when I have made subwoofer enclosures for cars....
When you convert inches to centimeters it is better to divide by 2 rather than 3. Its not only easyer to divide by 2 but its also more accurat.
Awww, I was close Very Happy
Quote: Originally posted by Jonny "Me You"
Quote: Originally posted by Gabriel Powers
being a mal-educated American, I have no visual concept of how large a 220 cm TV is.

As a general rule, divide by about 3 Wink

Try 2.2
Quote: Originally posted by Gabriel Powers
being a mal-educated American, I have no visual concept of how large a 220 cm TV is.

As a general rule, divide by about 3 Wink
being a mal-educated American, I have no visual concept of how large a 220 cm TV is. I could probably figure it out pretty easily...but I think I'm gonna eat some more candy instead.
I have a Infocus 4800 DLP Projector
220cm Widescreen Projector screen
Sony 120 watts 5.1 DD/DTS Receiver
Grundig DVD Player which was on sale!
Pioneer Multizone DVD Player
Sony Hi-Fi Stereo VCR
Sony 3 way 120 watts surround speakers
Sony 100 watts subwoofer
I also have a Pioneer Laser Disc Player which I've haven't used since I bought my first dvd player (Pioneer)

All this in my dedicated home theatre, used to be my bedroom upstairs. Has a nice balcony too for entertaining before the show starts! Seatings for
6-7 people.
- -
I have:
Sony's 26" LCD WEGA TV
Sony's DVD Dream System
Imac (with eyetv)
Dell Notebook (Inspiron 9300)
But my prize possession is the
Atari 2600 (1980)
I have a 1984 19-inch Sanyo "full color" television in a fine brown wood finish, with super-grip knobs and dials. A 1973 Panasonic audio system with stereo sound, 10 watt speakers with a beautiful black plastic wood finish, LP record player and new fangled cassette tape player. The crown jewel though is my 1992 toshiba "HiFi" VHS VCR with commercial skip.

Attached to that baby is a state of the art Nintendo Entertainment System with several cartridge based games including Mario!!!

Oh yeah Baby - Good Times! Very Happy
What's your Home Theater Setup
Post your home theater setup here. I personaly have a 60" Sony LCD rear-projection. I also have a set of 5 Yamaha speakers and a Yamaha reciver.