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How 'extended' is your Compass?

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That was my mistake. I honestly didn't see the other one created on the 29th. If the powers that be want to remove the one I started then please feel free.
How many topics do we really need about this movie?
I thought it was something about porn, fell for it again.
Someone asked me this the other day. As far as I can tell, it's the same running time as the theatrical version, so either it's a few seconds or they pulled an 'Aliens vs. Predator' at the last minute. As Kyle might say, shenanigans.
How 'extended' is your Compass?
Does anyone know exactly how the 2 Disc BD of The Golden Compass is extended? I'v just watched it over the last few days and I can't see any new footage.

The BBFC lists the Film as 113mins and the Video at 108mins.

The DVD has a running time of 108mins, (PAL speed up from 113mins) and the BD, quite rightly is 113mins, the same as the 35mm film running time. So what in the name of arse is going on.

Are EIV touting the BD as something it's not?

Should we be invoking shenanigans?

Seriously, I don't know if there's any extra footage. I had to get up 3 times during my cinema visit for this film to complain about focus so I have to confess I didn't see it all but just wondering if anyone knows at this point or can confirm what new or not. If there is anything, it must only amount to a few seconds.