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How much do you spend ????

Forums - Discs & Movies - How much do you spend ???? 


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£100 ($178) a month usually.
some months I dont buy anything, others I buy $200 in stuff. Just depends whats out. I buy dvd's maybe 5 times a year.
i forgot to say ho much I do spend Happy

it is around $40-$50 a month...but then again decent DVD release in Poland costs about $15 -$20...and bargeins are usualy for $10 -$ Happy
I'm spending about $80 dollars a month. It just depends on how many good DVDs are released. October is usually the worst month.
It varies for me as well. Lately I have been going to the evil Walmart Supercenter to look for their $4.88 - $5.50 gems. Target usually has a new group of $7.50 - $10 titles every Sunday while Circuit City and Best Buy offer "2 for $20" and "2 for $15" promotions weekly. I also buy online at Columbia House. Once you fulfill the membership requirement, You get most new releases for 50-60% off ($9.98 - $10.98) when you buy one at full price. I usually try to buy a box set for that first item to get the rest at half price. I have generally stopped buying new releases on Tuesdays because I can get them cheaper through Columbia House or wait about 6 months and get them for $10 or under.
Me and my parents are very low on money right now.
So I usually spend no more than $40 to $80 per month on DVD's.
Wow....I can't imagine paying what you guys do for DVDs.  I have gotten very stingy lately, but then again I own nearly 1600 DVDs.  Used to (say 2001 and before), the best way to get DVDs was pre-ordered.  Then, Best Buy and Circuit City got huge inventories of DVDs and started offering most popular titles as "loss leaders".  These days, I won't generally buy any new DVD for more than $15.99 and even then I will think about it because it seems like 6 months (or less) later, it will be available for that price.  Since I generally don't watch DVDs when I get them, waiting a few months or even a year is no big deal.

Still, to answer the original question, I probably spend a few hundred a month.
Each months varies for me. I only buy what I'd like to see, or those I've seen that I want on dvd because we have a problem in Australia with movie releases getting released late, so late that there are many cases where I got the dvd before it premiered into Australian cinemas. Eg. Lord Of War, and coming soon "History Of Violence" Both movies comes out in Australia in Cinemas in late February.
I have a friend who runs a music and dvd shop called Top 10 Sound and Movie down in the city in Sydney. They import Region 1 DVD's from some warehouse supplier in Florida, USA. The DVD's arrive one to two weeks before the U.S. release date. So for example, "In Her Shoes" is released on DVD in the U.S. on 31st January. I can get it tomorrow, Tuesday, on the 23rd.
Each dvd costs me around AU$45. I used to buy them off the net, but with all the interest charges on my credit card, and the late deliveries, I decided to go back to my friend's, so I can pay in CASH. I don't even pay the tax on these as he pays for them.  
to much, ive had a dvd player for more than 4 years now, and I'm up to nearly 400 dvds. not to mention the double and yes triple dips ive had. could be another triple with THE FLY box set. the discs come in the teleportation pod.(cool). at least in region 4 we're getting it. you can pre order with check it out
You used a wink with greatings?

Anyway, I spend more than I should on DVDs in a month.
How much do you spend ????
hey.....i much do you guys spend on DVD's in 0ne month (aprox.) ??????? you have like your favourite store that you always go to (ofcourse DVD store) or maybe you buy them in many different....or maybe online....(and playes write what stores you use) ??????????????