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How to set to multiregion

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My laptop has a darn matsushita drive that still has no firmware patch to make it rpc-1 - luckily I will be selling it soon...
The first thing I did when I bought my laptop (which I no longer have) was to change the firmware for the DVDROM drive to a region-free version. Means the region can be changed as many times as you want and the hardware wont eventually stick on one. Sometimes using these firmware updates release extra features in the hardware like making DVD writers more reliable, faster and support cheaper discs with new dyes.

Then I got DVDGenie and PowerDVD, although you can use lots of alternatives to PowerDVD. DVDGenie helps to get around any software based region changing limitations such as those included in PowerDVD and Windows.

It's good to have a multiregion player as you have much more choice with the eastern Asia countries producing better and better special editions every day, and you benefit from the lower prices in the same way as big businesses outsource abroad.
or DVD-Region Free - some drives can be very picky though (matsushita is a pain and doesn't work with most region free software....
Oh and also be carefull that some drives have their own firmware which will detect region change and even if you reinstall software from scratch, you may have a problem where it is locked.
Also you can get a firmware patch for your drive but be carefull!
There are programs that allow you to change them as many times as you like. It plays with the registry to make the original program think its always the first time. One of them is called DVD genie.
Apperently even if you un-install windows you can get your 7 changes back.
How to set to multiregion
Both of my last 2 laptops have had multiregion DVD players.  However you can only switch between regions up to 7 times.  It won't allow you to change from the 7th region used - you run out of options to change regions.  Does anyone know a way around this.