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How would YOU change The Matrix sequels

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i thought these movies were fine I would have liked some more information bout sati and her parents other than that I love them the ansewr some stuff in the Matrix online game
Adrian wrote: I think rushing the films out as a packaged deal was a mistake.Not only that, the same time they were filming the sequels they were filming the game "Enter The Matrix".
I think rushing the films out as a packaged deal was a mistake.  I don't think they gave themselves enough time to come up with interesting sequels to the Matrix, but then again, I'm not sure how they could have really continued the first story line.
Peter wrote: * Give Persephone and the Merovingian more to do.

Yes, the Merovingian was such a great character and the thrid film especially tossed him away. He and the Train Man could've been interesting advrisaries (sp?) to our heroes.

Does anyone think that perhaps making the films into a difinative trilogy may have been a mistake? If done right, I'd see a new Matrix film every 3 years. It's a huge universe with so much potential. Maybe that's why I liked the Animatrix better than the films.
Make the two sequels into one film. FGet rid of Zion scenes, get rid of Merovingian and link. Make the agents more of a threat or add another human as the threat.

Do a prequel film.
I could be here all day. I adore the first film, have a little smidgen of time for the second, but am frequently bored by the third.

The chief problem for me was a complete lack of decent characters, followed by a garbled narrative. I'd really prefer they didn't exist.

Anyway, in a nutshell:

* Completely rewrite pretty much every character (Morpheus; so he's not such a humourless bore, Niobe; so she's slightly likeable, Neo; so we can relate to him like in the first film).

* Cut out the wholly pointless Burly Brawl. (Yeah, it looks nice but it ends with Neo flying away...)

* Don't show us Agent Smith so soon in Part Two. Cheapens the end of Part One.

* Don't show us Zion until the end of the second film at the earliest and get rid of the 'Jedi Council'.

* Write out Locke, Link, Link's wife, Link's wife's friend, Link's wife's friends' cat, the kid, that old crusty bloke. Um, pretty much everyone.

* Stop ripping of Aliens.

* Give Persephone and the Merovingian more to do.

* Come up with something even half as cool as the lobby scene from part one.

* Change the end of The Matrix so that Neo can't fly.

* Not make the ruddy things back to back so they could have got some feedback before screwing up the third film. Or, ideally, don't make two films when you only have enough decent material for one sequel.

-have the architect explain the history of the matrix and how the whole war between man and machine began as it was found in "the second renaissance"

-get rid of the whole Smith multiplying bullsih

-make the agents dangerous like they were in the first movie

-have Morupheus kill the Agent with his sword during the truck fight

-have neo's encounter with the Deus Ex Machina at the end of Reloaded and have him introduce Neo to the former Ones that came before Neo

-end the movie with a teaser battle between the big ass APU's and the machines as Neo is introduced to the former Ones who drop a big bomb about him and the whole matrix universe

-end with the silent hill theme for the end credit music Happy
I kinda liked the idea of the hero being blind. That, for me, was the best idea in the 3rd movie.
Oh... where to begin...

This is truely a case of the first one being so very good, the second one left me with the feeling of it being a little off, and knowing it would pay off in the third.  Sadley, it fizzles and screws over so many things that would have been good, and therefore makes the first two seem worse, since now I know where it is going when I watch them.  The third one screws up the series.  

I would have recast Jada P-Smith's part (I dont mind her, but I hated her playing this character for some reason).  I would have not blinded Neo, I would have not killed Trinity, I would have toned down the long speeches, and the 'rave'.  Neo's real world superpowers were stupid, and Smith should not have come into the real world...

I don't know what I would've done, but I know I would not have done the stuff above.  Just my 2cents.
I like Reloaded more every time I see it, and dislike Revolutions more every time I see it. I tell people that REvolutions is only worth seeing for closure and Hugo Weavings scenery chewing glory.
I'll have to think about this, as I love Reloaded. The only bit I'd change is the music during the 'rave' scene, if only so people would stop calling it a 'rave'. Not a white glove, dummy or whistle in sight... They should have used some tribal drums or something, rather than the Fluke tune (although I do liek that track).

Oh, and I'd have filmed them quicker, because then Gloria Foster might have had time to film her scenes for Revolutions. The loss of Foster was the single biggest problem with the trilogy. They tried to get clever when they replaced her, but it didn't work (largely because they explained most of it in a video game played by very few people). They should have never introduced the Kid into the films, and Sati should have been played by a better child actress. Anyway, I might have a think about it and write some more. On the whole, Reloaded was probably my favourite and the series is very interesting, but I do think they basically wrote themselves into a corner and used a (literal) Deus ex machina to get out of it.

Oh, and this dude has spent more time thinking about the sequels than the Wachowski's themselves!
Can you imagine the impact if Trinity didn't get any last words?
Spoiler Like Wash in Serinity?
Just imagine Neo groping around and finding her dead, no good-bye.
Maybe I will be the first post to say maybe they should not have been made and that they should have left it to the one movie? That said, yes the Zion dance scene must go and yes, just die quickly Trinity. It's just been so long since I have seen them.
How would YOU change The Matrix sequels
Ok, Ponce was on to something about me being on to something, and the Star Wars thread seems to be winding down. How would YOU change The Matrix sequels?

I'd cut down the first hour of Reloaded. Once Neo gets to the Oracle and Smith confronts him the film is pretty much spot on. I understand that there was quite a bit of establishing to be done, but the first hour is dry and talky, but not in a truely stimulating way. Everyone talks in such broad strokes, and really says nothing that hadn't already been covered pretty well in the original picture. And I know it's cliche to say, but the Zion rave was such a joke. Otherwise, I'd pretty much leave that film alone.

Revoltions begins with an intriguing quandary, Neo's 'soul' is trapped in the Matrix. His friends need to get him out. There is adventure to be had, and yet the whole problem is solved in 20 minutes. During this time the revelation that programes may indeed have souls as well is basically thrown away, which is sad because it was the most interesting thing in the film. I'd elongate this sequence of events, and not go out of my way to cut to the action.

Once the battle begins, the film turns into a big fat cliche, and worst of all, I personally never got the feeling of true peril. The battle to save humanity is practically played out in real time, as is Neo's confrontation of the machines and Smith. I think these events should've been intercut, ala Return of the Jedi or Two Towers, making the length of each battle impossible to grasp, and in effect making the whole thing much more epic. Perhaps the machines could've told Neo that they would not lay down arms untill after Smith was defeated, adding even more suspense to the fight. The longer it takes Neo to take out Smith, the more people die in Zion.

I'd also cut Trinity's death bed speach, kill Morpheus, and never have written in "the kid". "Neo, I believe"? Puke.