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How would YOU change the Star Wars Prequels?

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To tell the truth My idea for a prequel is what I stated above however I would of never made the first two.  
Seems doable... But, are the previous films the same?

What I mean is, does it end with the marriage from II and then it starts out where Vader is going around and has killed all the jedi (no Anakin seen, assumed dead (by hand of Vader, like Obi Wan says), revelation in V is still a revelation)?  

This is what I had hoped would happen in III, but alas, it is very explicit and the revelation is ruined for generations to come...

The only thing I don't like about what you wrote is that the second half takes place 20 years later. That's one Hell of a time jump, what I mean is that it's very unorthodox for a Star Wars film to jump that much ahead in time. But other than that, not too bad.
The first part of "Revenge of the sith" would of been the birth had the birth of darth vader/luke/leia.  The second part takes place 25 years later with Princess leia and the Rebels out to steal the plans of the death star.  
Chris Gould wrote: Dude she was like a day old - how the f**k could she even speak?

Why, the Midi-Chlorians of course!
Chris Gould wrote: You don't need to see everything, in spite of what Lucas would have you believe.
No! I want to see each and every takeoff and landing of each and every ship!

Dude she was like a day old - how the f**k could she even speak? You don't need to see everything, in spite of what Lucas would have you believe.
The last act in Revenge of the sith would of had the rebels stealing the plans (of the now completed) death star.  We then see Princess Leia getting the plans her last words would of been "This is our only hope" - Now if I can find Obi-One
never have made episode 2 Sick
stanton heck wrote: I didn't care for AOTC!  The last act would of been rebels stealing the Plans of The Death Star.  Then we see Princess Lea getting the stolen plans.

How the Hell would that work?  Sorry, I'm intrigued though, could you elaborate more please?
I didn't care for AOTC!  The last act would of been rebels stealing the Plans of The Death Star.  Then we see Princess Lea getting the stolen plans.
Intergalactic Ponce wrote: A good thread. Would you like to try the same thing with The Matrix?

I'm not sure the Matrix really could have been improved except to forget sequels to it.
S**t. I've got some ideas on that one too.
I would expect nothing less from you. Cheers.

A good thread. Would you like to try the same thing with The Matrix?
Fair enough, but I'll stick by my statements in preperation of future statements.Happy
I didn't mean that the CGI ruined the film or that I don't like CGI. I love SPFX and have been interested in how they're created since the original Star Wars came out. I was just offering up the theory that had more sets been built and less CGI extensions relied on, it might have produced a better screenplay/film which itself feeds into the thread of 'changes to the prequels'. We would certainly have visited less planets (which in Siths case would be a good thing) and the overall screenplay may have had to be built around more solid scenes. If you haven't got the sets shoot what you do have? The actors. Let them carry some of the film as well as opposed to 'lets see how many different environments we can create for the actors to walk, run (and sleep) through'. Like I said there's probably too much rambling but I think there is a cohesive arguament in here somewhere. I'm just not illuminating it very well.
I thought the sequence looked great, CG or not. I'm the kind of guy who goes with the flow when it comes to SFX. If I'm enjoying the film on other levels, obvious effects, be they bad blue screens, shakey stop motion, rubbery gore effects, and even plastic CG, really don't bother me. Gollum is quite obviously a special effect when you look at him as one, but the character and performance make it easy to overlook. I honestly think that the CG Yoda, especially in Ep III was on a simular level with Gollum so far in that even though I knew he was a special effect I cared enough for his character. That bit where he clutches his heart as the Jedi are dying? That was great.

I think that the real valid crtisisms of the prequel trilogy are almost all story and performance related, at least the ones that effect me. I see the films as I see animated films, so this "over reliance" on digital effects has never bothered me. It just feels like the universe is an artificial one, as I see the universe of the original trilogy, though that universe is one more of stop-motion and model work. Honestly I don't care about obvious effects, so long as they remain somewhat consistant. An example of awful inconsistancy in the PT would be that giant potatoe bug that digital Anikan rides. That shot deserves its critisism and pulled me right out of the film the first time I saw it.

I think that audiences (especially us geekier audiences that know how these effects are done) spend too much time harping on special effects work, and I hope future generations can take this stuff for what it's worth, like we do with Harryhausen's work. I don't for a second believe that Ray filmed a real life Cyclops for his effects work, but I still appriciate his craft. I honestly feel that the PT as pleanty of memorable animation, and pleanty of unmemorable story and performance issues.
It could be argued that the brevity of that sequence could be blamed on the over reliance of CGI. If physical sets were built you could be damned sure the script would have spent more time on the Wookie planet. As it was predominantly blue screen and CGI the scenes could be quite throw away and brief (too brief) as significant money had not been invested on scene setting. It's an obvious thing to say, but I think that without the over reliance on CGI, the prequels would have been very differnt and much better films. With actual sets we might have had actual scenes instead of sound bites and clips a that gave the impression that we were just seeing the highlights of each scene. Sorry I'm rambling. And not for the first time today. would make sense for the CIS to attack the Wookies on the beach to gain a tactical advantage. Attacking them inside the mainland would be suicide. There has to be a beach somewhere, right?

Though the whole attack on Kassykk represents another in a long line of scenes I would've loved to see elongated.
According to the books and the Knights of the Old Republic games Kasshyk is a planet covered with trees where the Wookiees live in the tree tops and hardly ever stand on the ground whhich is miles below and is almost pitch black due to the sun not being able to get down through the foliage. Where did the beaches that appeared in ROTS come from? These scenes more than any other disappointed me.

Oh, and the twins birth in the Lego Starwars game is much better than the one in ROTS...
I put a lot of thought into this. I thought of many different ways to do this, but I think this one is probably the best. Sorry about the length and the typing mistakes, but it has been a very long day.

I don’t know so much as to whether or not I would completely ignore episode I. I would have integrated some of the story arc and plot points into what would have been my episode I.


The first order of business is to completely redraw the character of Anakin. Not only would I make him older, say seventeen or eighteen, but I would model him after virtually every teenage boy I ever knew, including myself, by making him have good intentions but also a knack for getting into trouble. You know; make him a character we all can identify with so that we actually give a you know what as to what happens to him.

The next order of business would to be to adjust the age of Padme closer to that of Anakin’s. Granted, there are people in the real world that are five years apart in age that fall in love, get married, etc. However, given the apparent age difference between the two in episode I, it kind of made the whole thing a little hard to buy. Nor would I have her in a position of power because quite truthfully who would elect a young and barely teenage child to be the ruler of a whole planet. Yes she can still be a strong willed character and all.

Anyway, on with the story. I would start the movie off with the blockade of Naboo, but instead of using battle droids I would have them be the clone troopers. The party responsible for the blockade would be the separatist movement, as this would be an act of protest on their behalf. Obi-Wan and another Jedi (it could be Qui-Gon, but if it is, then Qui-Gon is not Obi-Wan’s master. Let’s keep it consistent with the idea that Yoda was his mentor.) They evacuate the planet and Padme is a refugee they manage to take on. They would still have to land on Tatooine because of some sort of technical difficulty. There they would meet Anakin. He wouldn’t necessarily be a slave but from a poverty stricken family none the less. The Queen of Naboo, through all of her endless resources and pocketbook, is able to strike a deal with the Hutts and the party is given the parts they require to fix the ship. Young Anakin, who has taken a liking to young Padme.

Meanwhile the Sith, Darth Maul in particular, tracks the party to Tatooine and is going to attack them. In Maul’s absence, Sidious (spelling?) contacts Dooku as he has secretly trained him behind Darth Maul’s back. They conspire with their own plans as Sidious tells Dooku he plans to appoint him as head of his separatist movement.

When Maul attacks the party of heroes, right as they miraculously seem to get their ship up and running, they flee to Coruscant. Anakin escapes on board with them rather than staying alone to die. The plot on Coruscant stays similar to that which already exists. Only I would have a few scenes where Anakin and Padme were together just talking, and he tries to hide his feelings for her as best he can, but he ends up making a real idiot out of himself, but Padme doesn’t seem to mind. He also shows off some of his flying abilities to her, and is caught and scolded by Obi-Wan. After Palpatine becomes supreme chancellor, he sends a “Grand Army of the Republic to counter the increasing threat of the separatists.”

Once back on Naboo, there is a major space battle, rivaling that of Return of the Jedi, and a land battle also, comparable to Geonosis. Darth Maul engages Obi-Wan and the other Jedi. They fight. Meanwhile Anakin is doing his best to protect Padme. Somehow he gets thrust into the Maul, Kenobi, and the other Jedi fight. The extra Jedi is killed off, and Obi-Wan isn’t having the best of luck. Seeing it as the only option to protect himself and Padme, Anakin picks up the dead Jedi’s lightsaber and fights Maul. He ultimately wins the fight. Padme gives him a “my hero” kiss on the cheek. By the way the land and space battle turn out for the good guys as well. Obi-Wan is astonished at how strong the force is with him. He is taken before the council and approven as a padawan. Sidious appoints Dooku Mauls replacement and gives him the reigns of the Separatist army to command. Dooku asks what the loss did to the cause of the Sith and Sidious replied that all was proceeding according to plan. In the closing scene, much like the one in the movie, there is the celebration parade, only Anakin and Padme attend it as their first date.

Episode II

Two and a half to three years later. The clone wars have obviously begun. Obi-Wan is now more like an older brother to Anakin. This would simply be a bridge arc that carried the story along. There would be lots of battles and lots of action. Anakin and Padme are still together in a hot and heavy secretive relationship. She has moved to Coruscant and has a job working at the Senate Chambers. Dooku is introduced as a prominent villain, and excellent tactical general.  About three-quarters of the way through the movie Anakin and Padme are married. Then when Anakin goes to attend to his duties Padme is one of many kidnapped by the separatists. Anakin goes in there as part of an operation, to negotiate and possibly use force, but disobeys orders and decides to go on a “Rambo” style mission and ends up rescuing the hostages, and is reunited with his love. Awe.

Anakin is scolded by the council for disobeying orders and in doing so allowing Dooku the time to escape. Palpatine is the only one that congratulates Anakin, and he does so by stroking his ego and planting the beginnings of his seeds of evil. And so the Clone Wars rage on.

Episode III

This film is about a year after the events of Episode II. It still opens with the gigantic space battle, but not to return Chancellor Palpatine, only to fend off the Separatist invasion. After destroying the invasion fleet, it is revealed that the Republic has captured all of the important bases, save one, of the separatists. Before they leave Palpatine tells Anakin that he must be weary of the Jedi, they are a mutinous and unforgiving order that will rip his whole life away from him if given the chance. Padme has already given birth to the twins and there are a few scenes of Anakin spending the time with them. They are one big happy family.

Anakin and Obi-Wan are set on the mission, and are accompanied by Padme who is traveling as the head of the humanitarian operations for the aftermath of the battle. After the battle begins the Separatists start shooting at the Jedi. Obi-Wan deflects the majority of the blaster bolts back at the enemy but one of them gets away from him and hits Padme, mortally wounding her. Anakin rushes to her side, but he cannot save her. After her death, Palpatine’s words ring through Anakin’s mind. In a fit of rage and anger he attacks Obi-Wan. This is the equivalent to the Mustafar fight, he denounces all of the Jedi ways saying he hates everything that the Jedi represent. Only this time Anakin slips up and looses an arm, and is immolated by nothing more than his clothes igniting from being around a torch, or something. (Let’s face it there isn’t anyway anybody could stand to be that close to a lava flow.) Obi-Wan leaves Anakin for dead. The clone troopers find Anakin and take him before Sidious, who realizes the boy is near death. He quickly is rebuilt in the suit right there.

Afterwards Sidious tempts Anakin to the dark side much the same way he does Luke in Jedi. Anakin and Dooku get into a fight and he ends up killing Dooku. His place is now set as Darth Vader. He is then told the Jedi purged his children. Only enraged farther by this revelation, Vader has no problem in carrying out his new order, to exterminate the Jedi. A good portion of the movie is dedicated to this hunt.

Meanwhile the Separatists are fought into surrender. Palpatine announces that the Separatists will rejoin the Republic which is reorganized to be the empire. The few surviving Jedi, Yoda and Obi-Wan mainly, are on the run. Vader continues to hunt them down, which results in the climactic Yoda vs. Vader fight. Vader slices Yoda’s lightsaber in two. Obi-Wan and Yoda escape. Vader continues his hunt, as he now is in deep self-hatred and hatred of the Jedi…

A few Notes:

a- if jar jar is in these, it is only briefly and he dies a horrible death.
b- Sidious is in a fight with multiple Jedi and his face becomes twisted by the power of the dark side, since he taps so deeply into it to defeat them.
c- Any of the other characters that are in the prequel trilogy are in here but play only minor roles.
I would have loved to have seen Qui lin Vos in the movies taking the spot of Greivus.
Anyone else. Mine looks like ass now, and I have thought this all through better, but I knew I'd look weak as soon as Chris showed up anyway. I'm off to the horror show!!
In my defence, I’ve been negotiating with people on to get a decent version of the 97 SEs, the theatrical cut of TPM, the original ’77 release of Star Wars (with the mono sound mix), and a number of other goodies in order to revamp my articles. I also have a job interview tomorrow, so I’ve been researching a few things, and Mercenaries on the Xbox is also to blame.

I kind of agree with Matt. I’d have Anakin start out as Obi-Wan’s apprentice, aged around 25, with Obi-Wan about 35. Padme would be a senator from Alderaan, home planet of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. She’d also be aged around 25. There would be a Separatist threat, and she would be opposed to the military creation act, so there’d be an attempt on her life by a bounty hunter. Obi-Wan would go off in search of said bounty hunter, while Anakin and Padme go back to Alderaan to hide out with her family. Obi-Wan tracks the bounty hunter (a young Boba Fett) to the cloners, where the army is being grown. He then tracks him to Geonosis (or wherever) and discovers that a fallen Jedi (I’ll call him Dooku for ease) is behind the Separatist movement, but is then captured.

Meanwhile, Anakin and Padme get closer, happy to spend some time away from the burdens of duty and just to act like normal young people. They receive a distress call from Obi-Wan (much like the current film) and head off to rescue him. This whole adventure/danger thing sees them starting to fall for each other, but they both know it’s not wise. They’re also captured and sentenced to death (by rancour no less) along with Obi-Wan, but are rescued by the intervention of the Jedi and the clones. Film ends in much the same way, as the Clones save the day and Dooku escapes after handing Anakin and Obi-Wan their arses (and removing Anakin’s arm). He does, however, report Anakin’s unusually strong Force potential to his master. Fett obviously escapes after killing a few Jedi, and isn’t seen again until TESB.

Second film would be a remake of the Clone Wars animated series, set four to five years after the first film. The galaxy is in turmoil, billions have died, and the Chancellor is now pretty much in control (as he is in AOTC). The Jedi act as generals to the clones, and Anakin and Obi-Wan lead the most successful battalion. They are heroes of the war effort. Anakin is renowned as the greatest star pilot in the galaxy (and we get to see why), and he an Obi-Wan are very much equals and friends, although a lot of Anakin’s power comes from his anger. Anakin and Padme have also continued their relationship in secret, which has put a great strain on them both. The main enemies in this film would be Greivous and Dooku, but the Greivous from the cartoons, not the pussy from the film. He would be a bad-arse Jedi killer.

I would move the rescue of Palpatine from Sith to the opening of this film, which would allow for his and Anakin’s friendship to develop and for Anakin to use his rage over the loss of his arm to kill Dooku (who was under the impression that Palpatine wanted to recruit Anakin). This could be the start of his journey towards the dark side. He confides in Palpatine, telling him about the strain of keeping his forbidden romance a secret. Palpatine offers him reassurances and generally manipulates him. I’m lacking a big set-piece for the climax of the film, but hey I’m making this up as I go along (much like Lucas). It would probably involve Greivous escaping after killing a prominent Jedi. Anakin and Padme would marry at the end of this one though.

Part three would be fairly similar to the theatrical release of Sith. It’s a couple of years later and the Clone Wars are finally coming to an end. Obi-Wan is on the council, Anakin is not, which makes him jealous as he considers himself to be more powerful. Anakin now equates power with greatness. It is because of this that he has become very close to Palpatine, who is essentially the head of the galaxy—a powerful position. The Jedi do not trust Palpatine because of his constant interference in their affairs, and are beginning to suspect that he is not what he seems to be. Palpatine continues to groom Anakin as his next apprentice, playing to his ego and using his arrogance against him. Anakin is also under tremendous strain, as Padme is pregnant (they don’t know it’s twins, as apparently they don’t have regular scans in a galaxy far, far away). He fears that the Jedi will learn of their marriage and expel him from the order.

When a plan to capture Greivous and end the war is devised, Anakin is furious that the council chooses to send Obi-Wan over him. He first rages to Padme, and then to Palpatine, who seizes the opportunity, luring Anakin with the promise of greater power, and the chance to live his life openly without fear of reprisals (without revealing himself as a Sith at this point). Meanwhile, Obi-Wan has located and engaged Grievous on Kashyyyk (that’s how Obi-Wan seems to know Chewbacca in ANH). During the course of the battle, Greivous lets slip that Palpatine is behind everything. Once he beats Greivous, Obi-Wan reports his findings to the council. When the Jedi arrive to arrest Palpaine, Anakin is there and is teetering on the edge of the abyss. Palpatine feigns weakness, using only a fraction of his Force power to defend himself, all the while pleading with Anakin and promising him the galaxy if he saves him. When it looks as though Palpatine will be destroyed, Anakin intervenes and kills the Jedi, thus completing his journey towards the Dark Side. He is now Darth Vader. Order 66 is invoked, the Jedi get their arses kicked, Vader owns all at the temple, and they get a kid who can act to do the ‘Master Skywalker, what are we going to do?’ line.

Two things do not happen in this film: Yoda does not fight (he’s f**king ancient), and Palpatine never uses a lightsaber. The rest of it follows the plot of Sith, with Palpatine—now wearing his true face instead of his ‘mask’—installing himself as Emperor and declaring the Jedi traitors. Vader visits Padme, and tells her of his mission to kill the Separatists on Mustafar. She is horrified, they argue, and he Force chokes her in his rage. He leaves, believing he’s killed her. Padme is rescued by her successor in the senate, Bail Organa, and shortly goes into labour due to the shock of the choke. They escape Coruscant in the Tantive IV, along with Yoda, and eventually meet up with Kenobi. When he learns of Anakin’s involvement, he heads off to Mustafar and they have the fight, which Anakin is winning until he gets overconfident. We know the rest.

Film ends with Vader being sealed in the suit and becoming the Emperor’s enforcer, stripped of his humanity. They observe the construction of two Death Stars, thus explaining why the second, larger one apparently only took 4 years to build (it was started over 20 years previous). Kenobi takes Luke to live with Anakin’s real brother on Tatooine, and stays to watch over him. Leia goes to live with Organa and his wife on Alderaan. Padme takes on the role of servant so as to be close to her daughter, but not getting directly involved (this adds a bit of irony to the destruction of Alderaan). Yoda would go to Dagobah. Obviously there’s loads of detail to fill in, but that’s my general overview.

In all three films the enemies would be less comical, the dialogue snappier and less formal (more ‘I’m’ instead of ‘I am’, ‘It’s’ instead of ‘It is&rsquoWink, and effects would only be used to further the plot. There would not be huge gulfs between prequel and OT technology. Anakin’s false hand would appear to be real, like Luke’s. Children would be called that, not younglings. There would be NO F**KING GUNGANS. Oh, and R2 and 3PO would be Padme’s. They would both go to Alderaan with Organa, and 3PO would have his mind wiped. As a result of starting with older characters, everyone would be much closer to the ages they appear to be in the OT as well (by my calculations, Kenobi would be in his early 60s in ANH, Vader would be in his mid 50s in ROTJ). There would also be a ban on shoehorning every little character (or references to them) from the OT into the films. George would get help with the script and dialogue, and would produce, not direct.
I'm enjoying this. I was affraid it would just turn into a bashing session, but most of you guys have really thought this out. Good stuff.
Mr.Badass wrote: Jar Jar would have never been invented
Jake Gyllenhaal would have been Anakin
the acting would be better
More sets than CGI but their still will be a lot of CGI
Different actor for kid Anakin
More plot

and a lot more

It's amazing to me that most people think the acting was bad.  I don't really fault the actors for the movies.  They didn't write the cheesy dialogue they were stuck with.  If anything, Lucas should have framed the story and then hired a competant writer to flesh out the dialogue and the scenes.  This worked for the original trilogy quite well.  It would have worked here.  Only Lucas could have turned such a talented cast into marionettes.
I would have developed Anakin's turn to the dark side a little more traditionally (or obviously) as these are adventure films. His seduction by Palpatine should have been going on further back in Ep 2. I would have prefered the catalyst for his eventual conversion to the dark side to have been jealousy over Padme with Obi Wan being the cause. By that I mean I always saw/hoped that Obi Wan and Padme would become close because of his concern for her as Anakin seemed to be 'getting weird'. Obi Wan and Padme could even have gone as far as consumating their new found closeness thereby really giving Anakin something to whine about and supply a much needed 'last straw' for his turning.

Another thing I would have done is keep in the one character that made Ep 1 bearable, Qui Gon. Liam Neeson's presence in that film is the thing that gives it any kind of weight at all. It would have been great to have him in Ep2. Kill him off still, I haven't got a problem with that. It would have given the prequel trilogy an unexpected slant as 'Empire' was to the original trilogy. Plus they could have kept Darth Maul in as well. He could still have been Qui Gon's killer in a much anticipated re-match with Obi Wan or Anakin killing him in return. It would have been really interesting to see how the fighting styles would have changed over the 10 years or so between Eps 1 and 2. Qui Gon approaching Alec Guiness's level in Ep 4, Obi Wan would be older, Maul older and Anakin would be approaching his peak. What a four way sc**p that could have been. Much more satisfying than hundreds of Jedi's generically swinging sabres in the 'arena' battle at the end of Ep2. Sam Jackson looked like he was swatting flies.

Anakin should have been Darth Vader earlier in Ep 3 as well.

The much lampooned 'Nooooo' moment would have been far more effective if he'd just kept his gob shut. Imagine him braking free of the operating table and (screaming in rage if he had to) destroying the room with the force like an earthquake all around him. And yes, he needed to have been more 'hands' on in injuring Padme so that we would be left in no doubt she was going to be in trouble giving birth. Her death would also have given Obi Wan more to agonize over prior to his stay on Tatooine. This fact too, would have given Obi Wan an added layer of involvement with Luke. His protectiveness over Padme would have carried over to Luke.

Lastly, the person who said 'OK cut, great. Lets move on to the next set up' after that take of Natalie Portman's peculiarly wooden performance of her 'miraculous recovery' (after falling out of the troop carrier in Ep 2), needs to be met with (as Alan Partridge might say) an extreme physical discourtesy. I thought one of the main benefits of shooting in HD was the fact that you had instant Hi Def play back of a take. How did anyone say that take was good. To show Padme's strength of character you could have had the Stormtroopers coming over a dune to find her and she is already walking straight past him, pissed off, to the rescue carrier saying 'Are you coming?'

Stuff like that.
Jar Jar would have never been invented
Jake Gyllenhaal would have been Anakin
the acting would be better
More sets than CGI but their still will be a lot of CGI
Different actor for kid Anakin
More plot

and a lot more
Wow... good question.

A)  Episode 2 would have been my Episode 1.  Eliminate The Phantom Menace totally.  There was no point to the movie, and the time could have been used for so much more.  Although at the time, I was geeked into liking it, it is easily the weakest of the 6.  Extend Attack of the clones a few minutes and toss some well written dialog into the beginning explaining a way Obi-Wan took in Anikan from a life of slavery from Tatooine, and how he still misses his mother and wants to go save her, etc.  

A.1)  Show that great bond of friendship the two once shared.  Show them 'like brothers' totally in my new episode one.  Fun talk, back to back fighting, a solid friendship.  Intoduce the beutiful Senator Amidala here, and Anikan is now crushing on her.

B)  Expand the new Episode to to show a rift between Obi and Anikan growing.  Similar to Attack of the clones, the two get seperated, and Ani goes back to Tatooine to free those slaves he talked about freeing once (in TPM).  He frees them all, but his mother dies, and his decent begins to grow.  The same manipulation and all of Palpatines wickedness is still going on like the original trilogy, and the second movie ends on the cliffhanger of Palpatine telling Anikan he is the Sith Lord with his apprentice Darth Maul by his side, and the wedding of Anikan and Padme after being forbid to marry her by the Jedi counsel (see?  he is already rebeling!).

C) Padme is pregnant. and my new Episode 3 is total manipulation of Anikan in the first act by Palpatine, and similar to ROTS, when he falls under the dark side.  Before he can become his apprentice, he must kill the current one Darth Maul, but before that he must gain Dark Side powers, so he is sent to eliminate the Jei Temple (just like ROTS), Obi then chases him to Mustafar, they still have a grand fight, and Obi still leaves him for dead.  Armor Vader (in less than pristine condition armor, i.e. prototype stuff, but close to the same) is made in the begining of the third act, and Palpatine after telling him he killed Padme, uses that to Dark Side power-up him, and then since there can be one two, Vader verses Maul, all intercut with Yoda and Obi-wan begin there hiding of the twins and there sad isolation.  Vader wins (in case you were wondering).

For the most part, all the Senator stuff with Palpatine was great (love the actor and the character), so it mostly stays, and Sam Jackson and the Jedi counsel stuff stays, and a lot of the other stuff could stay, too.  

Just my 2cents there, I could go on.

EDIT: For the record, I wrote mine up before reading the rest, so I would not borrow ideas from anyone, but it seems some ideas are not mine alone.
TPM: I would have jar Jar be a soft spoken person who was kicked out of the Gungan city for Helping a Naboo officer. Have Dooku at the funeral being upset that the jedi will do nothing to see justice is done.

AOTC:Show more of the Sand People slaughter. Have Anikan choke out the leader keeping him alive long enough to see the sluaghter of his people

ROTS. Have Vader weilding a red lightsaber as he kills the jedi. Throwing away his blue saber in the tempel.
Well, I like all of them, despite their flaws, the only one I'd really change is III, and pretty much what was already said. When I came out of TPM, I already figured that Padme and "Little Annie" were gonna shack up and make some twins, but I thought that it'd be that the kid (Luke, Anakin knows of only one) was already born, and as they're born, Anakin become Vader (doing something like killing Mace, but much better) and Padme realises what's happening and ships them off to their respective guardians (Yoda and Organa). Yoda takes Luke to Dagobah (hence the "familiar" comment in ESB) and Organa takes Leia to Alderaan. Anakin has begun the purge and the time has come to kill his own offspring. Fire sweeps through Coruscant as the new Empire forges. He arrives at the apartment and asks Padme where he is. She refuses and he kills her. And then the rest plays out, but Obi Wan takes Luke from Yoda. And the rest is history...
Also, Palpatine's face should be the result of the dark side twisting it, not force lightning damage.

Anyways, that's what I'd change. Your ideas are all great, I like the AOTC being Ep I idea.
Gabe Powers wrote: "What have I done?" seemed more like a culmination of events to me, rather than a sudden plunge.
I guess when I said premeditated I should have said without remorse instead. I don't mind that final moment where there's now no turning back being so abrupt and spontaneously happening, just not the whining and the second guessing over it. All that weakened the moment.
Yeah I'm gonna guess the second one as well. I thought really late hours were a requirement for working on the site...

Would anyone change how much of Vader we saw in ROTS? I would.... more.
Dustin wrote: I'm wondering why Chris hasn't graced us with his thoughts yet... or maybe he's still writing his post. Volume 1 of it, anyway. Tongue
Well, either he's asleep seeing as it's 3:30 a.m. in his corner of the world, or he's typing up his response as we speak. I'm counting on number two.
THAT'S what I'm talking about. Awsome Matt. So I'm guessing you count The Clone Wars Cartoons as Episode 2? I'd only really argue with you on the importance of Grevious at all, and the fact that "What have I done?" seemed more like a culmination of events to me, rather than a sudden plunge. I think that the tragedy of Anikan's fall, along with the Palpy's frankly awsome plot, was my favorite thing about the prequels. I readily admit that, though I don't think it sucks nearly as much as everyone else seems to, that I'll probably never watch TPM again, at least not until I have kids.
I'm wondering why Chris hasn't graced us with his thoughts yet... or maybe he's still writing his post. Volume 1 of it, anyway. Tongue
You asked for it Gabe...

1) Skip TPM altogether; I enjoyed it for what it is, but it's entirely inconsequential if you simply make Anakin a young Jedi with loads of potential under the tutelage of Obi Wan Kenobi, which we already know from the first trilogy. C-3PO is the property of Padme, R2-D2 is Anakin’s astromech droid. The characters of Darth Maul, Jar Jar and the Gungans, everybody on Naboo, and Qui Gon Jin--they're out too. Do we really need all that superfluous back story and characters? No, we don't. Drop the mumbo jumbo about midichloriwhatsits and leave the explanations of The Force to Alec Guinness while you're at it too.

2) Make AOTC the first movie; instead of a scene where Anakin and Padme are reunited, they first meet instead. Their whole adventure during AOTC turns out to be the equivalent of a first date, awkward and a bit dangerous. Obviously they do not get married at the end and there is no sappy love pledge; they just met days ago, and only psychos and guys with sticky keyboards surfing the internet for dates fall in love that fast. Rest of the movie plays out much the same as it does now, with the exception of Jango Fett’s death…yeah, he lives to fight another day.

3) Second movie takes place during a pivotal point of The Clone Wars and a couple of years removed from AOTC. General Grievous is introduced in this film. Anakin and Padme are now in love. Already showing signs of the Dark side in AOTC, Anakin shows a bit more here and his slide becomes more gradual. He also begins a shift from Obi Wan to Palpatine in this film, and it is Palpatine he shares his more intimate of secrets with, to include his undying love for Padme and their wish to marry, which of course ‘ol Wrinkle Face is all for. Anakin and Padme marry at the end of this film. Somewhere during the climax Jango Fett is killed, but Grievous and Dooku live to fight another day.

4) ROTS plays out much like it already does with a few minor touches. Palpatine’s normal appearance turns out to have been a charade all this time and Anakin’s ultimate turn to the Dark side isn’t the result of a “what have I done?!?!” moment, it’s much more premeditated. Padme does not “lose the will to live”, instead Anakin mortally wounds her in a fit of rage.

Yeah…I’m pretty sure that’s it…
I understand why Lucas wanted Anikan to be a whiney teenager, but he ended up being one that most of the audience hated. Imagine how amazingly tragic his turn would've been had we all really liked him, like Wash, Aragorn, or even Tyler Durden. It would've been heartbreaking. I thought his brooding over the lava on Mustifar was actually pretty inspired, so far as being an elegant mix of music and vision, but I wish Lucas would've made me cry for him, rather than simply being moved by the specticle.
In episode I:The Phantom Menace during the pod race, the firefly would have won!
Stanton, I *love* your idea.

I would've recast Hayden... guy got on my nerves. Would've also kept Darth Maul around and not made Anakin such a whiner. Would've used more sets, less green screen. Less CG overall.

I felt the prequels got worse with each one, and only care for TPM. I seem to be the only one, but it's the only prequel I can't fault for being so weird and out there and NOT like the original trilogy. It could've started anywhere it wanted in terms of story because it had two films to loop it back to A New Hope.
Episode III would of ended with the Rebels stealing the plans of the death star
How would YOU change the Star Wars Prequels?
I'm on record as enjoying these films, but do have some changes I would've made, mostly in the scripting and editing processes.

In TPM I'd have hired a better child actor to play Anikan, toned down Jar-Jar, made the Battle of Naboo feel more "important", and probably not have killed Maul

In AOTC I'd have given more time to Padme and Anikan's budding relationship, as it stands I simply don't buy their love even in a silly space opera. I'd have an injured and angry Maul somewhere in the picture, and I'd cut out the robot factory sequence entirely. It'd be nice to see some more impressive Jedi as well.

In ROTS I'd keep Dukoo on as the villian Obi Wan had to defeat rather than Grevious, who looked neat and all, but brought nothing to the story. I'd also actually show Anikan killing off full grown Jedi, as a lot of non-fans seem to think he only killed the children, and I'd elogant Palpatine's fight with the Jedi. I think the film lost a lot of emotional weight by plowing through some of the heaviest elements far too fast.

And please, only serious and constructive criticisms here, if that's even possible.