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I found something Awsome!

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Gee, I would hate to think what they would say about man boobs!

Hey, i'm bored Happy
I found something Awsome!
Dark Dude wrote: Strong Female Nudity (Breast)

Can I ask you Americans something?  I'm not getting at you all or anything, but what is the big deal with womens breasts?  

Why is it considered the end of the world because someone like Janet Jackson had a "wardrobe malfunction".

Over in the U.K. we have a popular newspaper and everyday on page 3 there is always a woman with her baps out, but over in America something so trivial as JJs boob being shown on public television and it's considered evil.

Considering that the US has the largest hardcore porn industry in the world, it amazes me that certan Americans will get upset over a breast.
Gabe Powers wrote: It was a pretty fun movie, but nothing compared to part 2.Really? I thought #1 was, but I still haven't been able to see the third one.
It wasn't as good as the other two but it was a fun popcorn movie.
I think i'll just catch the movie rather than spoil it...
I am looking for the other deaths
I Found 2 more

Weight Room Death

Roller Coaster Accident
It was a pretty fun movie, but nothing compared to part 2.
Mines The Nailgun
Rollercoaster...of love.....rollercoaster...whoohoo hoo hoo!
I found something Awsome!
go here which one is the fave of the 3 and WARNING: IT INCLUDES STRONG SPOILERS OF FINAL DESTINATION 3! Strong Female Nudity (Breast)