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If I were you I'd go get them back
You should go for the scandanavian ones - the russian ones are always trouble....
scottmck wrote: Nic, give him his DVDs back

HAHAHA Nah, she had the decency to pay me at least 8p
Nic, give him his DVDs back
There is only one option: Stalk her until she gives them back.
yeah yeah....::dodges tomatoes::
If nothing else you've learned a valuable lesson:

Mail-order brides are nothing but trouble and are just looking to loot your DVD collection...and your bank account.
Why don't you go and kick down her door and demand that she gives it back?
I need help!
So heres the story....

I was seeing this chick and she would usually come over and we would watch one of my hordes of DVDs, then one day she asked if she could borrow a few, SO, being the sap I am I said "sure! no problem!", so she took amongst others, my Beowulf steelbook....and then I never heard from her again....

Most of the others I already rebought, but the Beowulf was an exclusive to FYE (transworld) and of course they are long out of stock, the only other place I can find it is on eBay, but I'm not paying $40+ nooooo way sir!

So if anybody happens to come across one in an FYE or Suncoast would they be so kind as to pick one up for me? Of course I will send funds right away.

....I'm glad I took my 30 Days of Night DVD out of its FYE exclusive box and just gave her the bare case, now all I have to to is buy the regular DVD and slip it back in.