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Well the movie theatres it played in were or mostly were theatres that were owned by the producer of "Bubble".
Tony DeFrancisco wrote: How about that film "Bubble" that was recently released? It came out to theaters on Friday, showed on TV on a Saturday, and released on DVD on Tuesday.

It was a resounding flop as far as attempting to do what it wanted to do.  Very few theaters would show it.  It might as well be considered a direct to video movie.
I love going to the movies. But since "windows" have shrunk. The movies are now coing out so fast (4-5 months at the lates) that I no longer will see a movie "again" at the theatre.
So could people who actually want to watch a film and take it in be considered elitist or snobs because they took their time and chose what they wanted to watch, as opposed to going to see anything that happened to be released that weekend?
Pretty much, in the same way as you get work colleagues gossiping about what happened on a soap the previous night. They just want to watch the film to keep up but aren't able to go to the cinema for whatever reason. I've known quite a lot of people like that.

Edit - I also think cinemas should sell these basic DVDs, that way the customer goes in, is impressed and can then immediately buy the film on the way out. Would only appeal to some, but would be another avenue to help reduce the need for sourcing dodgy copies.

They've got their mindset all wrong at the moment in my opinion, it's all about criminalising their potential customers via expensive lawyers rather than providing other more positive means for the customers to take advantage. It's a very short term protectionist attitude that's causing more damage than good.
Does this imply 2 types of Film Fan? One that wants to WATCH a film and one that just wants to SEE anything as long as it's 'just out'
I know that many buy dodgy versions as soon as a film is released in the cinema. These are the sorts of people that don't have the time to go to the cinema and don't have an interest obtaining a perfect version.

The only way to cater for these customers would be to release an immediate basic version that's only slightly higher in price than going to the cinema. If they don't do that then they will lose out finacially - no point criminalising people when they don't offer an alternative.

If they were forward thinking, they could use the budget generated from this basic release to reduce the huge percentage they take from cinema tickets and make it less of a finacial burden to watch a film in this way. It is after all a heck of a lot to pay for a one-off viewing.
This thread all depends on your situation doesn't it? Having a family means that I don't go to the cinema as often as I used to so I'm grateful for the reduced release window. If I did not have a family, then I would spend more time at the movies because I'd have more time on my hands and I don't think knowing that the DVD was coming out in 2 months would stop me going to see it in a theatre.

But then again, which films are we talking about? I try to make the effort (and it is an effort as I 'project' for a living) to see big films on a big screen, the rest I end up blind buying when they're released on DVD but more so when they've been reduced in price.

In short, I think the answer is 'Yes'. It would have an impact on people not attending cinema. As I've said elsewhere, it's a shame because there is nothing special about film anymore. When cinema was the only means of seeing a film, they sat in your head and heart much more deeply than they do now. You don't have to soak up every minute of a film to remember it because it's going to be readily available to you 3 months down the line, whereas before you'd have to wait years for a re-release or for it to be on TV.

I'm not advocating going backwards, it's just a shame films are so accessible to us and at the same time so disposable.
I know people that don't even buy DVDs so they always go to the theatre to catch a movie. I myself don't frequent the theatre that much unless its something that I must see and just can't wait until the DVD is released. Thanks to torrents, now I'm able to preview a movie before buying it.
Arent movies already released within 3 months nowadays? People will continue to see big movies that look interesting in the theater. Any other kind of film is usually overlooked in favor of home video anyway.
If movies were released on dvd within 3 months, then I don't have to go to the cinemas as much as I used to. I have my own projecton home theatre. Nowadays, I go only if it is a film I can't wait to see - like have been waiting all year for this film, etc.

How about that film "Bubble" that was recently released? It came out to theaters on Friday, showed on TV on a Saturday, and released on DVD on Tuesday.
I used to see three or four movies a week in a theater.  Now I probably don't see that many in a year.  Like Stanton I'll see the big movies on the big screen.  This year it was Revenge of the Sith and King Kong.  I probably won't be in a theater again until Superman Returns.  The problem is we have a gorgeous Regal Cinema within minutes of home, but the projection is horrible.  I know they have to be cutting the wattage on the projector bulbs, but when I would mention that to them the managers at the theater would deny it.  Nonsense.  The best theater in the area is a Cinemark with digital projection.  But this theater is nearly 40 minutes from home.  So, I buy dvds every Tuesday and usually new releases are comparable to or cheaper than two tickets---and I don't have to pay $5 for a Coke when I watch them!
I will still see movies that need to be seen on a big screen (Superman Returns), but I would only go see it once!  However would it cut down on my movie going maybe?
Let's say it is a rule that A DVD will be released of ALL movies 3 months or less after it hits theatres would you stop going to the movies or go less?