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No probs Kosinski, I cannot wait for O'Lucky Man! If only Warner produced an se of it! I would be extremely happy! I hope it is uncut as well with the Rachel Roberts scene where she threatens to jump out the window put back in! Even if Warner only released the film with good audio and picture quality and a trailer I will be content! Now on to wish we get a proper cut of the Magnificent Ambersons with a multi disc package, at least a 2 disc of Quo Vadis and 2 disc versions of The Jazz Singer, Bonnie and Clyde, Key Largo and The Big Sleep as they are promising!

I would also be interested to know if any one that posts on this forum from outside the UK is going to perchase IF when it is released?
darth raph wrote: I think I mentioned If being released a long time ago!

Apologies dude... I gave a good search before posting as well.
I also anxiously await for an O Lucky Man release having seen it in the theaters for it's intitial run. I'll also buy the Citerion If in June
I'm disappointed that Brewster McCloud has not surfaced yet, what with Robert Altman's recent demise. It's another great cult 70's film
No, it was definitely one of the kiddies.
I think I mentioned If being released a long time ago! In fact I have mentioned it being released and wanting Warner to release O'Lucky Man quite a few times recently! The Criterion 2 disc is released on June 19. The R2 release by Paramount is July 23 with most of the same special features! I have waited since the late 90's for this! In the Warner q and a posted by Digital Bits in March Warner stated that O'Lucky Man would be released some time this year! Boy do I hope so!

Last time I checked I was not banned and I really don't think the kiddies have idea what so ever about anything regarding Lyndsey Anderson!!Lol!

Is that Hayden? Her butt is almost has beautiful as her face.
This is the only Bring it On I'm interested in:

Bring. It. On.
My mouse cursor is currently hovering over the username 'Nic Mall', and I'm not sure I can stop my index finger from clicking the ban button.
Wow... you're older than I thought Chris.

*Apologises quickly for fear of being banned*
No. Chris just likes to randomly hover his hand over the ban button and bashes it while shouting "KA POW!" He wears a bandana while doing it too..
(see what I did there!?)

Ahhhhh - were they bad?
it was one of the banned kiddies.
I remember someone's signature exclaiming this should have a DVD release...

Probably seen it but I stumbeld across this today