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You can find it from, at 18 bucks. This is the page

Hope it helps!
Type "champ" into search engine at .Up to you where you want to buy it from though only regions 1 and 4 are out.
I'm in the States. If I found it here, would you have the capability to play it? I'll be happy to help if I can.
Cheers Chris, yeah I don't really fancy letting Blackstar do the hunt for me although that might be my only option, thanks for the other ideas though, I'll keep my eye out Happy
Unfortunately it looks like you may be out of luck... As far as I can see, The Champ is unavailable in <b>any</b> region, so you won't be able to get it from the usual sources.

Looks like you're stuck with waiting for MGM (I think) to release the movie... If you are really desparate you could try <b><a href= target= _blank>Blackstar</a></b> as they have a 'video hunt' facility. This is just for the VHS edition. Failing that try cash convertors and plases like that, they often have a load of old tat in the VHS section, but you can sometimes get what you want for a couple of quid (not that I'd want VHS).

If none of that works, then you're stuck with Fleabay etc.
I'm cracking up!
OK, I've asked this before and 6 months later I'm still no better off, ebay is driving me mad, everytime I find what I want i get outbid.. hang on a sec...


Ahem... anyway, where was I? Oh yeah

The Champ, Ricky Schroder, Jon Voight, I NEED this film!  I'm even willing to pay for it! :p

So please, if anyone can help me at all to hunt down a copy, I don't even care anymore if I end up with the vhs format, I'm a desperate lonely old woman, ok maybe not that old, ok, maybe not that lonely, ok I might not be that desperate either, but I am a woman.. err, what was my point again?