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Important Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Questions.

Forums - Discs & Movies - Important Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Questions. 


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I'm sure that there will not be not much difference in video quality as they are both HD - alot will depend on the display, the player itself, cables, etc. I gather unless you have all top of the line equipment, the difference will not be seen.
At the end of the day, it may come down to the master used to create the disc...
Apparently Warner Bros. Home Video is going to release movies on both format, so you can compare which one is better. Look foward to that(the comparison).
Eliason A. wrote: I think I'm going to get the PS3, seeing how that's going to be an investment in so many ways. I hope for now, they'll decide which format to go with. Having two would be immature.

Current Sony PS3 Release Date: November 11th, 2006 in all regions of the world.

Release Price: Not announced. "At least 5,000 yen (about $425)". US price expected at $400 to $450.
Hey thanks, Mal. Backward capability is the most important thing for me right now. Like you said, if they don't, I can't imagine them succeeding, especially this early with transitions.

I think most people are going to continue buying DVDs and only buy their favourite films on the new format. I think I'm going to get the PS3, seeing how that's going to be an investment in so many ways. I hope for now, they'll decide which format to go with. Having two would be immature.
1. I suspect both will continue on (like the SACD/DVD-A saga) unless something major happens.

2. I don't know the specifics, but HD DVD has the head start, it should be available in the next month or so for both disc players and discs themselves. Blu-ray is suffering from problems at the moment in terms of digital rights management agreements so they can't release their hardware for a while.

3. HD DVD players are supposed to be considerably cheaper, that said, the PS3 (with Blu-ray built in) will be heavily subsidised so people may use that as an early HD player initially until prices get more reasonable. But you will have to wait some time for the PS3 to be released because of the delays mentioned in point 2, plus other stuff.

4. Yes, should be. I have heard that Blu-ray doesn't require it in their specification but any player without DVD support will more than likely fail badly.

5. Item 3.
Important Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Questions.
1.) When will they decide the single format? I know they won't be releasing films on both, come the new generation of video, so which one?

2.) Once they decide, when will the first discs and machines be released?

3.) How much will the machines and discs approximately cost?

4.) Will the new machines have backward capabilities with regular DVDs?

5.) Is it true that the PS3 will be featuring the Blu-Ray, similar to how the PS2 featured a DVD?


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