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Sweet I know have Indiana 4 as my wallpaper.Thanks!
When is Gentle Giant going to put out some Indy statues and mini busts?
Hey Matt, I'm not in the targeted(?) age bracket either!...but I have...ahem...enjoyed beating the c**p out of my two young sons at these great, funny LEGO STAR WARS games that I will definately look forward to trying out the INDY one with them...
Just a thought... I wonder what OTHER movie franchises would make good computer games if done in this LEGO style?  Aliens vs PREDATORS ( and MARINES! )... or STAR TREK:THE ORIGINAL SERIES perhaps, with it's assortment of characters and alien badguys?...  SPIDER-MAN and other MARVEL franchises would suit the format too I'm sure... Happy
Cervantes wrote: Check this great upcoming LEGO Indy computer game trailer out:  Happy WANT IT NOW!

LOL...I just saw that last night, looks great. I know I'm not the exact age group they are targeting with the Lego Star Wars games, but they're a blast and a lot of fun to play along with Chase...looking forward to picking up the Star Wars Complete Saga game this Fall too...the Lego Star Wars stuff are the best Star Wars video games since Knights of the Old Republic.
Check this great upcoming LEGO Indy computer game trailer out:  Happy WANT IT NOW!
Nice (if a little uncomfortable) wee clip here...
So, maybe their planning some movie info?
I am very glad to see Marion returning! Revamped
The official Indiana Jones site has recently been revamped and is Flash heavy. Pretty nifty, just thought some of you might want to check it out.