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Jaws DTS

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The R1 dts version i have is definatly 768kbps cause i just checked.
The version of Jaws i borrowed DEFINITELY had a 1509kbps audio track - it was one of Universals DTS 'only' dvd's, not the dual DD/DTS discs that sprung up.

I must disagree on the sound front though, both versions sound almost identical - save for a more shrill sound on the DTS version. The film NEVER had a DTS master, and thus is totally limited in terms of fidelity. To even get a 5.1 remix from the masters was a miracle.

Still, an absolute classic movie, DTS or not Happy
Yes Pal is a better picture than NSTC but you can Hardly tell the difference. But NSTC is the original format that 90% of films are made in so when they are transfered to Pal there is always 5% speed up, so sometimes people voices sound a little different.

As for Jaws DTS it's way better than the DD5.1 version. It's sounds alot more natural and the DTS version really does John Williams score Justice. The LFE was alos lacking on the DD5.1 version.

Jaws DTS is'nt Full Bitrate its 754kbps.
You couldn't be further wrong. DTS soundtracks were once the common privision of Region 1 discs, but now region 2 dvd's are rife with DTS soundtracks.

NTSC is not necessarily worse than PAL, i've seen many examples of NTSC versions of movies boasting a far better picture than their PAL cousins, (Austin Powers the Spy Who Shagged Me, LOTR Extended Ed, Blade, and many more i can think of but would take up too much space here!).

DTS in my eyes is a much of a muchness these days, being more a marketing gimmick than any significant jump in quality over the Dolby track. I've scrutinised over 200 DTS tracks against the Dolby equivalent, and around 10 of those were worth the DTS track, the rest were either worse than the Dolby track, or so close you'd need super human hearing to tell any difference.

Jaws has a full bitrate 1509kbps DTS track, which gives it more headroom, but the movie is over 25 years old, and sadly the mastering team were only limited to the constraints of the original master tapes!

DTS/Dolby vs. NTSC/PAL
Most DVD's with a DTS soundtrack are region 1, and hence NTSC - my understanding is that NTSC pictures are worse quality than PAL pictures.

Is it worth the better sound, given a reduction in picture quality, or is ultimately there not much difference between the two?

Anybody any thoughts, experiences?
Quote: Originally posted by Craig Marsh
this a uk disc? thought it was just 5.1 on the uk disc

Nah they are both Region 1. I currently have both discs. And am selling the Dolby Digital version. Remember both Dolby Digital and DTS are capable of 5.1 (you sounda little confused as to what they are?)
this a uk disc? thought it was just 5.1 on the uk disc
Jaws DTS
I got my Jaws DTS today..
Does anyone care what the differences are in sound between the two versions or not? And this question isn't for staff ..