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JJ Abrams to Direct Star Trek Reboot...

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Stephen Etherton wrote: Even if they jumped forward 100 years and have the entire galaxy (alpha, beta, delta, gamma...) completly mapped out, and totally explored... um, we have an entire Universe to continue going where no man has gone before.

Personally, I still miss the real Starbuck. Happy

Yes, but: Is travel between two galaxies possible? And once we got to Andromeda (closest one would be the obvious first choice, we're not heading to Saturn before going to Mars are we?), what would be there? Would it be so different that it would "scare" classic Trekkers away? Or would it be the same thing again, boring classic Trekkers?

Just something to ponder.
I think the term Re-Boot was used to describe the production team and not the actual feature itself - as in Rick Berman and usual Trek regulars have nothing to do with this latest installment.  Its all fresh behind the scenes from producers to writers, of which Abrams is both!

Incidentally the script is being written by the duo who penned the upcoming Transformers movie, so I await with interest.

Still though....its prob not wise to get too excited at this early stage..but in my mind definately a step in the right direction. Happy
This isn't a reboot. Harry Knowles knows s**t.

It's a prequel. Abrams and his writing team have stated this.

Even if they jumped forward 100 years and have the entire galaxy (alpha, beta, delta, gamma...) completly mapped out, and totally explored... um, we have an entire Universe to continue going where no man has gone before.

Personally, I still miss the real Starbuck. Happy
Wasn't the Dominion in the Gamma Quadrant and Voyager in the Delta Quadrant?
There is a poll (Zeffle Awards) going online at where you can vote for the best Starfleet crew. I voted for Janeway's Voyager as it was the only trek that I followed every episode.

The last poll was interesting too! The most romantic Moment went to Odo and Kira kissing in the promenade. Interesting!

Get those votes in. Currently, Picard's Enterprise is leading the poll, followed by Kirk's Enterprise and Janeway's Voyager.
Ok ok...i see where you're coming from with the whole re-visiting the past scenario. Been there seen it done it. Enterprise tried it with limited success in my humble opinion...but I may eventually be proved wrong with that. (I personally still think its a stinker...but lets not argue
But Steve, just look at what they managed to do with the whole Re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica.(To counter your whole Shatner is Kirk argument)  That was met with derision and scorn from certain quarters on its debut. I mean Starbuck a WOMAN?!?! e-gads!!
..but now its even come to be loved by some of those who heaped hate upon it in its infancy.
I think that by taking characters we know and love and by placing them in fresh hands with fresh ideas we might be presented with something new and ...cough..FRESH! Happy

As for Voyager and the whole Gamma Quadrant I've an open mind on that one!
All I know is Seven of Nine could assimilate me ANY day!! Wink
Beta was being explored in Kirk's days, the Excelsior. Can't say anything about Gamma Quadrant. I didn't mean that Voyager went everywhere. Just by that time. And even if they're not, the whole thing was that people were tired of that era, so if we jump another 50-80 years, everyting would be explored by then. I just don't think they could come up with anything creative in a "Next Next Generation" setting.
Voyager in no way explored every part of the galaxy. They did a tiny part of the delta quad and didn't go near beta or gamma quads.
First of all, Enterprise was the first Trek that I was able to watch everyday and care about the characters since Kirk and the crew (but let's not start a war eh? Wink).

As for going into the future... I don't think it's possible. I think the most they could go is the TNG/VOY/DS9 era (2370s right?). By the time Voyager got back, they had explored every part of the galaxy. It'd be repetitive. I don't agree that they should go back and tell Kirk and Spock's days at the Academy (wouldn't Spock have been on the Enterprise already under Pike?), but they could go back and tell the Romulan stories, like that first contact. And maybe the bloody first contact between Earth and the Klingons (not the ENT version, not accurate, the one thing I thought was so terribly wrong about it).
Inject new freshness/life by going backwards... hmmm...???

Why not move forward?  I am sorry, and I know the original crew is to old or to not alive to continue their roles, but Shatner is Kirk, Nimoy is Spock, and so on.  I do not see how telling a story of their acadamy days is going to resusitate the franchise.  How can they move forward to far and not hit the timeline of the original series?
To move forward, I think they need to take a page from the creator's book, and make a new series set 80 or so years in the future from where we last saw it, like TNG did from Kirk's time, or use my idea Happy (that I shan't reveal here) I have been kicking around for years (like everyone else who thinks they can build a better trek.)

JJ Abrams to Direct Star Trek Reboot...
So Abrams is finally confirmed to direct the Next Trek. As a confirmed Trek fan I greet this news with great anticipation. Finally someone with enough gravitas to inject a bit of freshness into a franchise that Berman & Co have sucked the life out of completely.

(I'll try not to say anything bad about Enterprise...I'll try....I'll REALLY REALLY try....)

If his treatment of Lost and his last directorial stepping out (MI3 - which I liked!) is anything to go by, then we should be in for a treat. As long as the story and cast are up to it...well fingers crossed..and heres hoping....!  

Oh...and I managed to keep schtumm about how bad Enterprise was........ Happy