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Journey to the Centre of the Earth 3D

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Any idea how much the 3d version would cost, and any references you'd get them from.
You should buy the Blu-ray, its in 3D and HD!!!!
This Info will probably help you:

Quote: There seems to be some ignorance as to how the 3D technology in the theaters works. The 3D process used in the theaters requires polarized light projectors and is not something you can do with your tv. There is a better process however than anaglyph, and that is called field-sequential and requires a special box and glasses for about $40. Spy Kids, Shark Boy and Lava Girl, and some IMAX films were made available in that format. There are also many others available online non-commercially, including this film. They should have considered that option as it is much better than anaglyph. A major consideration, however, is that field-sequential videos only work with CRT televisions and some DLP projectors, not LCD tvs. Colored filters are currently more practical, but using green/magenta instead of red/blue was probably a mistake since many people seem to be bothered by the color distortions. BTW, if the dvd comes with glasses in the case, it will be anaglyph, or worse. Also, the use of polarized glasses is not new, it has existed since the 1930's and the majority of 3D films from the 1950's and onward were polarized, not red/blue as many people believe. There is some good news. Major studios, including Disney, are now working on creating a standardized form of 3D for the home. Content will be released on Blu-ray and DVD, possibly web streaming and broadcast TV, and will be viewable in 3D on the new 3D-ready Samsung and Mitsubishi tvs which have been out since 2007. On 2D sets the images will appear normal. These tvs can also be used for 3d gaming when connected to a PC. They require LCD shutter glasses that are the same as those used for field-sequential videos, but without flickering.

so basically until technology starts to get better we're stuck with the cheesy coloured glasses

(hope that helps)
Okay I'm a bit dumb - is that what they got in the cinemas?

Anyone know - Basically just want to know if its that great 3d we get or the old style "poor colour" 3d.
The Blu-ray disc uses red/green anaglyph for the 3-D version.
Journey to the Centre of the Earth 3D
Hi all,

Can anyone tell me if the 3-d version of Journey to Centre of the Earth is the same quality as in cinemas (a-la Beauwolf) or are is it a poorer version (a-la Spy Kids 3)?

I know it's not a great film - was just curious Happy