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Jurassic Park, DTS soundtrack and highest bit rate

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so who is the clear winner? R 2 or R 6?
also, an easy safe way to buy the R6?
Trouble with the Jurassic Park box set is that it comes with the super s**te Lost World.
I bought the four-disc R2 set for £12 a while back. Glad I waited.
already have the R1 4 disc box and the 3 film Japanese DTS Superbit set - not buying it again Happy
More to say...

Popular pirated Jurassic Park DVD in China mostly copied from Japanese R2 Superbit. So Universal Pictures makes a better Region 6 version to battle pirated Japanese R2 superbit Happy

The DVD format is dual-layer single sided, also known as DVD-9,
Warner put DVD-9 on cover to emphasize the superior quality just like what priated DVD do for years.

Chinese consumers believe that DVD-9 means great picture. Most of them don't understand what DVD-9, DVD-5, DVD-10, DVD-18 means. (dual-layer single sided, single-layer single sided, single layer dual sided, dual-layer dual sided respectively)

Many European R2 and Asia R3 DVD also use the term "DVD-9" but usually print it on back of DVD case not in front.

Note for buying Hollywood R6 DVD from China:

When you purchase Hollywood R6 DVD, you only buy those distributed by following distributors, do NOT buy others.

CAV Warner Home Entertainment
For Warner Pictures, Universal Pictures

CAV Thakral Home Entertainment
For Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, MGM, Bunea Vista, Paramount*** and 20th Century Fox (licensed already ended June 2005)

Excel Meida
For Sony Pictures, BBC and 20th Century Fox (license begin from June 2005)

*** Paramount only release VideoCD (VCD) through CAV Thakral. There is no legitimated R6 Paramount DVD at the moment, only VCD. But Paramount may start releasing R6 DVD in China this year.
below is bit-rate chart for Jurassic 1.
disc capacity: 7.82GB
DD5.1 English 448kbps
DD5.1 Mandarin 448kbps
DTS English 768kbps
PAL Anamorphic Widescreen
Disc mastered by Sony Music in Shanghai (inner rings shows IFPI LC20).

I heard that the source of this release is specially prepare exclusively for R6 market, nothing to do with other PAL release or Superbit. But it is the best release ever in the world according to some reviewers.

Standard recommended retail price: 22 yuan (USD 2.8)
Price may varies from place to place.
In Southern China, price around 24 to 28
In Northern China, price around 19 to 24.

Confidential Happy
Hey PJ, what do you do over there for a living?
According to DVDBeaver

The Region 2 SUPERBIT is the disc to own for those concerned with image quality and have the Home Theater system to back-it-up.
Jurassic Park, DTS soundtrack and highest bit rate
Feedbacks from some Chinese customers that Universal Pictures Jurassic Park 1, 2 and 3 Region 6 DVD that released by CAV Warner in Nov last year are probably the best PAL release ever. The bit rate hit 9Mb per second, even higher than Superbit edition.

The English DTS soundtrack for Jurassic Park 1 and 2 are exclusively remixed for R6 editions.