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Just a quickie...(oh shush)

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Also, I was a young boy crying this summer when Mike from Monsters Inc. signed his autograph book "Vern Troyer".

A Trade and Sales forum is an EXCELLENT idea.
Did you know those Mickey Mouses can't remove their heads even if they vomit from heat exhustion?
I saw two Mickey Mice (I'm assuming that the plural) the other night. Closely followed by a pink elephant and Jessica Rabbit...
I could've sworn I saw two Mickey Mice years ago at MGM in Orlando. One was a Spanish bull-fighting costumed Mickey and the other was the classic look, he was chilling with Minnie. They were a block or two away from each other.

Then again, I was a wee tot... so who knows.
Did you know that you won't ever see Mickey Mouse out and about at the same time in any two Disney parks...apart from the whole parks being thousands of miles apart making it impossible for you to be in both parks but the whole illusion thi....yeah...I lost everyone  about 3 lines ago didn't I? :D
Well you never see us in the same place at the same time...
I think Nic Mall is a persona of Chris Gould. Tongue
www.dvdtalk has a trading section and it looks like it's popular! Here, you can get international customers who have paypal accounts?
Worst Nightmare wrote: donkey porn? I thought he was into small furry things WinkYou mean gerbils??? Wink
I think a trading forum would get some interest.  Probably not much to keep a forum for it, but I've been wrong before.
donkey porn? I thought he was into small furry things Wink
Tell Mal to stop downloading donkey porn and do some work for a change!
I was asking Mal to set up a trading forum a while back, but he didn't think demand would be high enough.
They're the old ones. Minus the box set and the extra disc :D

Surely those are the Star Wars discs you just bought? Is it the old three disc boxed set?
Just a quickie...(oh shush)
Decided to have a wee bit of a clear out.
I'm selling 40 DVDs and was wondering...You think £70 is a fair price?

Heres a list...yes yes a lot of shameful c**p but still.

Phone Booth
The Siege
Welcome to Collinwood Region 1
Charlie's Angels
Charlie's Angels - Full Throttle
The Punisher Region 3
Master and Commander - Far Side of the World - 2 Disc edition
Ocean's Twelve Region 1
Jackass boxset (Jackass the Movie, Jackass volumes 2 and 3)
King Authur - Director's Cut Region 3
Friends - Series Finale - Limited Edition Region 1
Collateral Region 1
Batman Returns
The Stepford Wives
Star Trek - Nemesis Region 1
Spongebob Squarepants movie
White Chicks
8 Mile Region 1
Troy Region 3
Superman - Special Edition
Superman II
Star Wars - Episode IV - A New Hope
Star Wars - Episode V -The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars - Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
Little Britain - Series 1
King Kong (Peter Jackson) 2 disc Region 1
Region 1
Little Britain - Comic Relief limited edition
The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion the With and the Wardrobe - 2 disc edition Region 1
Road to Perdition
Pulp Fiction
Blade II
The Black Cauldren (Disney) (Sealed!)
Big Fish