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Shaun of the Dead.
u gonna by supprised..bu ti have never ever watched any DVD witch commentary......Happy

So....maybe look into my collection and give me a tip ..which should I watch( with commentary)
I really liked the commentary track to Jay and Silent Bob, thought it was funny and worth while.
I love the Almost Famous commentary with Crowe and his mom.
Most of the commentaries done by Kevin Smith and company tend to keep me smiling and I while I generally don't dig his movies that much, Cameron Crowe usually lays down some good tracks.  On the downside I would say any that splice interviews together and then call them commentary tracks.
Gabe Powers wrote: Anything featuring John Carpenter and Kurt Russell
Yup, in fact I'll take any Carpenter commentary with or without Russell; the one he did with Roddy Piper for They Live was pretty good too, very similar to the ones he and Russell have done. Ridley Scott and David Cronenberg are two other directors who know how to do a commentary...great stuff there too.

As far as individual movies, off the top of my head I'd say Bubba Ho-Tep with Campbell as Elvis, This Is Spinal Tap with everybody in character, Re-Animator, C.H.U.D., Fight Club, the Universal Monster discs all have great commentaries from different historians, actors, and such, and though not the most informative track, Goonies is just fun to listen and watch, even if Sean Astin just up and disappears halfway through.
american pie one commentary was pretty funny and informative about stupid stuff
Anything featuring John Carpenter and Kurt Russell, or Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell (Raimi's a bore on his own). G. Del Toro's Hellboy commentary is pretty great, and I'll always love the dueling accents of Total Recall.

My favorite has got to be Cannibal Ferox, though. It's assembeld from dual commentaries with actor John Morgan and director Umberto Lenzi. Morgan hates the film and Lenzi loves it, some of their comments directly contradict eachother to the point that you begin to suspect they're actually in the same room. Truely hilarious and a great editing job, the only reason I kept the DVD.

There are too many bad ones to count, though Mel Gibson's Braveheart commentary is up there.
I quite like the edited T2 commentary. Ok they cheated by assembling interview clips but it was nice to listen to. Also enjoyed the the UK exclusive commentary track on Identiy, from the film's writer.

One of the most frustrating tracks is the one on The Quiet Family. Actually I'm sure that the track was fine but it would've been nice to translate at least 50% of the conversations (as opposed to like 5%).
Anything by Bey Logan. He kicks everyone else's arse when it comes to commentaries. The audience track on Sin City isn't really a commentary though, so it doesn't count as the worst.
There's a few on Shaun of the Dead which are all a lot of fun. Pretty surprising considering that comedy movies fare badly when it comes to commentaries. The Will Ferrell effort on Elf is dull, Mike Myers leaves early during one of the Austin Powers movies and Jack Black is surprisingly restrained during School of Rock.
Haven't listened to a commentary in a while but generally I prefer the ones recorded in a group that are more fun rather than informative. I think the Urban Legend DVD was like that.
Just for a little fun...
Okay, I don´t know if this was done already, but I was just wondering about the best and worst commentary tracks on a DVD, Which one would you select?
To me:
- Director and Writers Commentary on the Lord of the Rings trilogy
- Anyone by Ridley Scott
- Resident Evil, not because it is informative, but because it was really funny

- Alien Vs. Predator, I just got bored with it
- Sin City (Audience reaction) I found it pointless