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Kevin Smith dvd's

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So is it worth waiting for the possible double-dip or should I just buy the old ones?
I seem to remember rumours of (or maybe even Kevin Smith mentioning it somewhere on his website) a "Chasing Amy X" being released to coincide with the 10th anniversary of its first release, so I guess that could come next year. As for the documentary on "Dogma" ("Judge Not ...In Defense Of Dogma" ), it was released on a dvd for another film released by viewaskew (Kevin Smith's production company) called "Vulgar", and is amusing as apparently the only version left is one with all references to Disney bleeped out.
I think we got a double dip on Clerks cause the first one was mostly just the laserdisc on DVD. Not sure why we needed the Mallrats one but I want complain. As for Chasing Amy, I think we got a great release already.
Jersey Girl, I would love to see it. I haven't bought it yet cause I was waiting on a SE release
I REALLY doubt they'll release another Dogma DVD since there's already an outstanding 2-Disk DVD out, but I remember reading about a documentary about the movie not being allowed to be released with the DVD. So maybe we'll get that seperately or as a DD.
Kevin Smith dvd's
We've got Clerks X and Mallrats Extended as double-dips but how about Chasing Amy and Dogma? Has anybody heard any solid info about them? And where's the Jersey Girl long cut that Kevin talked about? Anbody?