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Kill Bill S.E.'s?

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The Japanese(Released by Universal) version of the film has a full color version of the House Of Blue Leaves fight, as well as minutes of graphic cut out shots.
Some of those shots appear in the end credits of Vol. 2.
Hornblower, can I ask who the lovely lady is in your pic?
I actually think of Kill Bill as one film anyways, and works betterestest as one film as Q.T. originally intended. I remember watching one of his interviews where he recalled his meeting with Weinstien about splitting KB in two, and even his approval of the idea seemed forced, lol. I will purchase a "One Film" version if its released, and give my current DVDs to my brother or a friend who likes the film.

Btw Chris, is the Japanese Market action you mention the same one from the deleted scenes? If so and you havent seen it, its rather short and doesnt add much to the film. It was interesting to see Michael "Spawn" Jai White in the scene, but understandable why Q.T. cut the scene.
From Dusk Till Dawn is OK for what it is, but Clooney is definitely miscast, Tarantino, however, despite the poor acting ability many accuse him of, does, in my opinion, steal the movie.

Still, FDTD is nothing compared to Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Reservoir Dogs, or even Kill Bill. It just isn't in the same league.
He didn't direct FDTD, he wrote it.  Good movie though.
what about From Dusk till Dawn =P

Best to worst for me would have to be:

Volume 1
Pulp Fiction
Volume 2
Jackie Brown
Reservoir Dogs
Best to worst

Volume 2
Jackie Brown
Pulp Fiction
Volume 1
Reservoir Dogs
They should be released again, as one film it could be his best but as two it's not much contest with Pulp Fiction.
You guys are dicks.Laugh
I like all of his film's,
Here's how I'd rank em:
1. Pulp Fiction
2. Reservoir Dogs
3. Kill Bill Vol. 2
4. Kill Bill Vol. 1
5. Jackie Brown(It's still awesome though)
I get the feeling he'll release The Whole Bloody Affair when RR releases his extended edition of Sin City.
I'll try and be morer sensitive myself, Gabe, but it could end up being the mostest harder thing for me to be. Wink
Sorry, that was more badderer of me than usual Wink
I feel QT gets better with each film. I actually don't like R. Dogs, thought Puld Fiction was one thrid great, Jackie Brown was brilliant, KB was classic. They are one movie to me.

and Oi! stop pickin on my buddy!Tongue
My favourite is probably Jackie Brown because it's his most mature film. Obviously Pulp Fiction is great, but I watche dit too much as a kid. Dogs is raw but excellent. I liked parts of Kill Bill Vol 1 (mostly Go Go), but part two was a let-down. I reckon it would have worked as one three hour film, stripped down to the bare essentials. It felt forced as two films.

I almost caved and bought them a while back just to see if time helped, but I just know that the second I do they'll announced a new set with all the Japanese market violence in it...
I think the Kill Bill movies are Tarantino's best films thus far. Yes, I do own and have watched all of Tarantino's films.
I Love Jackie Brown, only I wish the nearly three hour, first edit version I saw at a test screening way back in 1997 was available somehow. Everytime I watch it now I feel like I am watching a truncated version.
- -
nobody like Jackie Brown?
Quote: Originally posted by Matt Joseph
...or the bestest.

Damn, why didn't I think of that? You must be more cleverer than me.
I wish Tarantino would get to work on the supposed "Vega Brothers" project that ties Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs together
Quote: Originally posted by Chris Gould
Or more betterer.

...or the bestest.
Or more betterer.
Eh...I thought the second film was gooder myself. Wink
Not as better as the first eh?
I liked Kill Bill Vol. 1. Kill Bill Vol. 2 was good but not as better as the first. The first was wickedly bloody.
I still haven't bought the films as I'm determined not to be caught out by the shameless marketing ploy that was splitting them in half, then announcing multiple versions. They're the worst films he's made anyway.
I've been waiting too. But right now, he's working with the Sin City: Special Edition DVD project with Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller
Kill Bill S.E.'s?
I have heard that Tarantino wants to release a version of Kill Bill that is both volumes spliced together, but does anyone know when or if we will ever see S.E.'s of Vol. 1 and Vol. 2?