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I thought the trailer looked like a video game.

Leafs Baby! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
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            Go Leafs Go!
Quote: Originally posted by Gabriel Powers
Wow, who knew Canadians were such jerks?


You should see us during hockey season. Wink

That whole stereotype about us being so nice and polite is fairly BS Very Happy
After working with kids for 4 years, which included plenty of movie watching, I'd have to say that untill they hit about 11 or 12 they don't even notice special effects, they just like it or are bored by it.
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Quote: Originally posted by Gabriel Powers
Dammit, I think Sky High looks like a decent kids flick. If I was 12 I'd be all over it. Tongue

I don't think kids these days appreciate the ability of special effect in movies than when you where younger*.

*  I'm assuming that you old enough to remember seeing Jaws or Star Wars Episode IV in theatres Happy
Dammit, I think Sky High looks like a decent kids flick. If I was 12 I'd be all over it. Tongue
Yeah we boo'd Sky High too.
Wow, who knew Canadians were such jerks?

Yeah it was boo'd. The trailer for Sky High was boo'd too. For everything else there was no reaction.
They booed it? And I thought clapping at the end of a film was lame.
This trailer played in front of the fantastic 4. I dunno what this indicates, but it actually got boo'd by the audience. Actually, when they got to the part where the dinosaurs start running around it got laughed it, then by the time the titles came up it got boo'd. Shocked

On the bright side, the effects looked a smidge better in 24fps and projected. Laugh
Reminds me of Bill Pullman - I saw him in a few comedies then I saw "Serpent and the Rainbow" and couldn't take him seriously...
The trailer looks promising but I'm having a hard time taking Jack Black seriously. Everytime he was on screen, it looked like he was about to crack a joke.
King Kong looks like a huge hit this December. Jack Black finally learns how to act (well he did in School of Rock but now he looks awesome). Also Naomi Watts should be hot in this one too, from the looks of it. Love the trailer.
Let's hope that when they actually release the movie that they polish the CGI off and blend it in better - you would expect a bit more from the workshop that created the Lord of the Rings...
It's not as if I'm working on a memory of Jurassic Park. I have the DVD to compare the visuals with. The movements and textures of the CGI dino's are more realistic then anything else I've seen.

Sometimes Bad CGI is just bad CGI.
I disagree Gabe Wink I think if you compare the two, you'll see I'm speaking the truth...hehe
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I think Gabriel is right.  People are more aware these days with CGI than 10 years ago.  CGI came a long way, for exemple Spawn vs Spider-Man.  I saw the trailer (King Kong) and I think it's going to be as, if not more interesting than Jurassic Park.  I can understand the comparaison, both takes place on a island and have dinosaurs.
War of the World and King Kong are a MUST on the BIG screen.
IMHO, which I'm sure plenty of you will disagree with, the actual CG work on Jurassic Park was not any better than what we saw in the Kong trialer. I think people are just more aware of CG these days. An audience who knows too much about the creation of movie magic ultimately suffers because they are often unable suspend their disbelief. For example, the Hulk really looked as good as a giant CG green man ever could. The fact that it was general knowledge that he was created through CG coupled with the fact that he was bright green, not to mention apparently most of the movie going public was not impressed with his story enough to care, led to complaints about the CG itself. I think that when taken out of context, like in a trailer, special effects loose their ablility to appear realistic.

However, it did appear to me that in a few of those shots the T-rex was incomplete and missing some of the textures found in other shots. I'm guessing they aren't done yet.
It looked about how I expected it to. I'm willing to give Peter Jackson the benefit of the doubt, but I must admit I was a bit disapointed in the trailer. Especially at the CGI animals, they looked really bad. Floaty at times too.

I'm blown away by the Jurassic Park question too Tom. The dinosaurs in that movie looked absolutely real and authentic. They originally got Phil Tippet to do a stop motion technique for CG using a robotic puppet. You'd think other effects houses would copy that. I find a lot of CGI characters are animated waaaaay too over the top. Maybe the animators spend too much time looking at the screen and keep adding when they don't have to?
I thought they looked alright. I can't wait for the film itself. Word has it that the trailer will play in front of War Of The Worlds this weekend, and on that subject, I hear WOTW is actually a quite scary movie.
King Kong
Who's seen the trailer then? Looks pretty cool! Still surprised they can't make dinosaurs look as good as ten years ago though in Jurassic Park!