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Lady Vengeance R1 vs R2

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Chris Gould wrote: Isn't the Korean SE OOP now?
I was under that impression as well, but they list it as re-stocked at Whether it's a re-issue or just some old stock I have no idea.

Incidentally, they also list a Korean 7-disc VT boxset just about to be released. It's gorgeous, but I'm not willing to buy it to find out if it's the same transfers.

Chris Gould wrote: I had a hell of a time tracking down the original Starmax SE of Oldboy, but I ended up with two copies in the end...
I noticed Happy If I come across someone who's looking for it I'll send them your way. It also took me a while to find a copy but I finally got it pretty cheap not so long ago from Amazon Marketplace.
There is quite a difference between the two, more so than the caps suggest. Isn't the Korean SE OOP now? I had a hell of a time tracking down the original Starmax SE of Oldboy, but I ended up with two copies in the end...
I think I'll go for the Korean R3, combing artefacts have always been noticeable on my setup to the point that they're distracting. It's a shame about the theatrical palette, so I'll definitelly keep watch to see if I can get a cheap R1 or Hong Kong R3. From the screencaps I've seen the difference between the two versions doesn't seem to be as jarring as in the Starmax SE of Oldboy vs. everything else, for example.

Thanks again for summing up the differences.
None of the interlaced transfers are great, but they're the only way to view the theatrical palette. I guess the quality of the image will depend on your DVD player's de-interlacing capabilities. Watching through PowerDVD on a progressive TFT the artefacts are more noticeable than watching on a progressive CRT with a prog scan DVD player. Over time I've also come to appreciate the palette of the theatrical version over the fading version, but the best transfers are definitely of the latter. Trouble is, rather than start out full colour and slowly fade, they start very muted and just get darker.

Yes, I was talking about the Panorama release when I said R3. I was disappointed with that transfer when I saw it, but the other theatrical versions look pretty much the same. Personally I'd go for the R1 because of the extras, but that's just me. I really thought the R1 would be progressive and therefore the best (Mr. V and Oldboy were), but I was wrong.
I had no idea the R1 was interlaced (ouch!).

Thanks for clearing up the R1 vs. R2 issue.

I've just read your comparison of the Hong Kong R3 (Panorama) vs. Korean R3 (CJ Entertainment). When you mentioned R3 just now I assume you were talking about the former? (on account of the ES/EX encoding) Your review of that transfer wasn't exactly... stellar Wink Besides it's still interlaced. Now I'm confused.

From reading that comparison I'd lean more towards the Korean R3.
Look at the big brain on Chris.

Both regions preserve the theatrical colour palette, and both have combing issues. The R1 is an interlaced transfer, while the R2 is NTSC to PAL. I guess the R1 is the lesser of two evils in this case. There are a couple of minor subtitle issues on both releases. However, the extras on the R1 are much better than those on the R2. If you're not bothered about extras then the R3 release might be a good option as it should be cheaper. The transfer is no better or worse and the audio is 'technically' better (ES and EX encoding). The cover is also much nicer, as it uses the film's poster art for the slipcase and has the full title of the film.
Lady Vengeance R1 vs R2
I've been meaning to get the full color version of Lady Vengeance to complemet the fade to b/w version found on the Vengeance Trilogy boxset, and can't seem to make up my mind. I have a couple of questions for those who have seen both editions:

1. Do both the R1 and R2 editions preserve the theatrical color palette?
2. Is the NTSC to PAL conversion in the R2 edition noticeable? Any ghosting?
3. Any subtitle problems on either of them?

Which version would you recommend?