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Large Speakers or Satellite Speakers for Home Theatre?

Forums - Discs & Movies - Large Speakers or Satellite Speakers for Home Theatre? 


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No worries - I am based in Sydney as well - but have a wedding this weekend so cannot make the home show so let us know how you go. I will try and email you but i may not get time till I have got back from the wedding. The only hassle I found with the home show is that they usually have the best of the best of a particular manufacturers products on show and hardly any of the stuff that the average to the above average consumer would buy (i.e. DVD addict Happy) If you are near Macquarie shopping centre, they have just opened a JB-HiFi in there and prices I have found are really good (opening specials)! See how you go...
I don't have enough money to begin with right now. Maybe next year when I'm not studying. I might go to the Sydney Home Show this weekend, to see what the latest technology is on offer.
Oh, and have you picked up the latest Smarthouse magazine? It had everything you and the others told me about speakers. I was always looking at the power wattage of the speakers I would like when I should also be looking at decibels! I am now armed with information that will eventually help me choose the right speakers for me cinema.
Thanks for asking worst nightmare. If you like, you can email me at to talk about anything movies and home theatre. I could sure use your good advices.
Hey Mark, how did you go?
Why wait? Do it now and enjoy the experience! Happy
Me You is definatly right about the package deals - Harvey Norman (Domain), D i ck Smith Powerhouse and JB-HI FI are good places to start. The best way to look at which ones to get is to have the store hook up the speakers you are interested in to a amplifier of the same or lesser spec than your amplifier (or upgrade as I have seen them cheap here recently). I myself have Polk Audio fronts and side speakers, B&W rears and a Jamo sub. They work fantastically although they are quite large but the richness in the bass is great! BTW I am using an Onkyo 7.1 amp and all connections are with monster cable (being a tech I had good prices at the time and made all the cables myself).
Hope this helps!
I don't know what kind of stores are available in Oz, but if you keep a look out around here a decent set of speakers with a receiver (if you dont already have one) often get packaged for as little as $600. Usually though, better packages are about $1500. That's not super high-end mind you, but you arent powering an ampitheater right? My point being take a look, there are likely good deals to be had.
O.K. Thanks. I'll keep these in mind.
I'll also need to find space for these speakers. And money. Lots of money.
and I don't mean the most expensive.
I'll wait a year when prices keep falling down.
Quote: Originally posted by Mark Lim
All I want to know if Large speakers sound better than Satellite Speakers? If so, I might be tempted to change sometime later. And what do you mean by subtleties? Like all the little background noises?

Yes, in general they sound better. What I mean by subtleties are little sound details. For instance, you watch a movie that has an explosion in it. With bigger speakers, now you hear small details you never notice before, like vapour from the fire, small debris hitting the street, high end crackle, etc... Bigger speakers are usually capable of producing a much wider range of sound. It's not always about the loudness. Plus like I said, 7.1 is a good way to go. The more speakers, the more detail.
Thanks for the tip Me You, although like I said my room isn't that big, and I don't want to wake up the neighbourhood. Did I mention I have windows on the side. Don't worry, I have dark venetian blinds for them and the balcony door for daytime viewing. All I want to know if Large speakers sound better than Satellite Speakers? If so, I might be tempted to change sometime later. And what do you mean by subtleties? Like all the little background noises?
Depends on the amount of sound you want. Both in power and detail. If it was a bigger room, I'd say definately upgrade.

As is, if you already have a projector you might as well go all the way and get larger speakers. In a room that size you should be able to hear subtleties that the satellites wouldnt have been able to translate. DTS would probably sound fantastic too.

Also, if you have 5.1, might I suggest if you're gonna make a project out of upgrading you change to 7.1 - it will sound amazing and probably futureproof you for upcoming tech.
Large Speakers or Satellite Speakers for Home Theatre?
Something I've been meaning to ask you all. I currently have a good 5.1 Home theatre set up with Projector and the lot. I was wondering what you guys think, whether I should keep my Sony Satellite Speakers I've had for years or upgrade to floor standing speakers?
The total output is 120 watts. Speakers are 100 watts each. Room is not very big, used to be bedroom, but has balcony and is rectangular shaped, good for projector. What do you think?