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Still have a working Pioneer and about 30 discs/sets that I never ever watch including:

Star Wars: The Definitve Collection
Star Wars Special Edition Trilogy
Star Wars Trilogy (Faces Set, THX)
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Indiana Jones Trilogy
The Abyss
The Thing
Criterion Taxi Driver
Criterion Blade Runner
Criterion Trainspotting
Criterion King Kong (1933)
Criterion Close Encounters
Terminator 2
The Omen
Criterion Halloween

...and a bunch of others that I could never ever part with. I even still have VHS copies of some of these hanging around somewhere that I'll probably always have due to nostalgic reasons.
I do.

Original Star Wars Trilogy
The Hitcher
Terminator 2
The Naked Gun
Lair of the White Worm
Strange Days
Do The Right Thing

I have a few more including that Micheal Douglas movie about some lions eating people up.
I wish LDDB had a forum...

95% of LDs are pretty much useless now except for maybe the nostalgia/conversation piece purpose. Of course as usual there are always gonna be collectible things of anything type no matter what it is...
Thank you for that Mr Flix. I'm surprised that The U.S. and Japan still made Laser Discs between 1998 and 2000, when DVD was taking off!

That Lddb website shows me that there are still some titles I'd like to collect for nostalgic reasons. Hopefully I'm able to find the ones I want from second hand shops.
As a movie buff, I own my fair share of laserdiscs.  Some rare, others mainly for collectibility.  I managed to purchase a used Pioneer player last summer for $50 bucks and it works great!

My LD collection includes the following:

Brewster McCloud-Robert Altman (Deluxe Widescreen Edition, features original theatrical trailer.  This title has never been released to DVD and is one of the most requested Altman titles to be put on the format.)

Dr. Strangelove-Stanley Kubrick (Criterion Collection featuring a variety of extra material not included on the Columbia DVDs.  This particular copy of the film was personally supervised by Kubrick himself)

ET, the Extraterrestrial-Steven Spielberg (Limited Edition, features the widescreen version of the film, a 15th anniversary making of doc featuring never-before-seen deleted sequences, theatrical trailers, and a still-sealed copy of the soundtrack on CD)

FM-John Alonzo (Widescreen Edition, features original theatrical trailer)

Herbie Rides Again-Robert Stevenson (Full frame version from 1981)

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World-Stanley Kramer (1991 Restored Home Video version, Deluxe Widescreen Edition, features making of documentary, theatrical trailer, re-release trailer, and re-release TV spots)

The Love Bug-Robert Stevenson (Full frame version from 1981)

If you'd like to visit a really informative Laserdisc site, go to
I sold all my Laser Discs about 10 years ago but I still have the player. It's a Pioneer CLD1750. I'm always in 2 minds when I'm clearing stuff out, whether I should just bin it. The only reason I never do is that I (unrealistically) entertain the notion that some Laser Disc collector out there will be only too willing to pay me thousands of pounds for my player because his/hers finally brokedown.

There isn't anyone out there whose Laser Disc player has just broken down is there?

No harm in asking?Wink
Yea definitely, the coverart is quite a lot better than the smaller DVD cases. Also the video quality of the later LDs are right on par with DVD (except for maybe some newer ones). LDs offer quite superior video and audio quality to VHS for those hard to find titles...
I have a few laserdiscs and watched "The Phantom" over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised at how well the picture and sound held up. The later Japanese discs such as "X-Men", the last release of the original "Star Wars" trilogy and "The Phantom Menace" are particularly impressive. Although they are getting fewer in number, there are even a few films (or special features) that are not available on dvd or either of its successors. I still prefer the larger format cover art as well.
I've got a few that I received quite a few years back although I've never watched them as I don't have a LD Player...

I've got:
StarWars (1982)
Godzilla (1983)
Monty Python: Life of Brian (1979)
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1975)
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1984)
The Road Warrior (1983) (Mel FTW!!)
The Blue Lagoon (1982)
WARLORDS of the 21st Century (1983)
Walt Disney: A Walt Disney Christmas (unknown date)
Walt Disney: Swiss Family Robinson (1983)
Walt Disney: The Absent Minded Professor (1960?)
John Wayne TRUE GRIT Discs 1 & 2 (1969)
No idea on disc quality or whether they have rot or not
Laser Discs
Hi guys.

I know this is a very old format now, but does anyone still own any movies on Laser Discs?

Recently, I found lots of second hand titles, many in very good condition (previous owners certainly takes good care of them!) and for A$5-$15. Very cheap, compared to around A$50-$70  back when they were popular.