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Last Emperor DVD Re-release?

Forums - Discs & Movies - Last Emperor DVD Re-release? 


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No no, not at all, don't worry, I knew what you meant. I'll say 007 is MGM/UA when it's under Fox or Sony now.
They probably would still have them, they know it would be a pretty big seller if done right. I don't know/think there's an issue with it.
Please I'm not trying to call you stupid I am sorry if I sounded like I was!  I happen to remember that The Lsst Emperor was last released on VHS by another company.  But who is to say Artisan/Lions Gate even have Region 1 rights now!  I just don't know...  That is why I said "it might be a rights issue"  
Sorry, I'm not good with the companies, I just saw on the poster that it was Columbia, so I said that. The way I see it honestly, if Warner Brothers releases a film, it's a WB film. Whoever distributes, distributes. I know it's stupid because of releases and stuff in this case, so I hope you forgive me if I occasionally get distribution companies wrong. Happy Well Lion's Gate does usually wait until last minute don't they, so it's possible that it is going to be here sooner than we think.

Yeah the "Bridge" and "Lawrence" do seem to be just repackages. The Digital Bits said:  Meanwhile today, Sony has added Big Fish to its 3/20 Blu-ray slate, along with repackaged 2-disc DVD versions of The Bridge on the River Kwai, The Guns of Navarone and Lawrence of Arabia (see cover art below). Also coming on 3/20 is a new single-disc DVD reissue of The Caine Mutiny.
I didn't see a list of extras yet, but I'll look into that now. I don't own them (yet) so if they're good enough I may invest in them.
Well the last VHS release of the extended version of "The Last Emperor" was Artisian which is now Lions Gate

I have a minor blog you can post any comments you like please feel free to add anything!  
are you sure they are re-releasing "Lawrence.." and "Bridge on the.." ????????/ any details ??

i found it...the premier of both films is set to March 20...

both films in Special Editions...most likely in 2-Disc sets.

I don't know how about "Lawrence...", but as I see compare to my 2-Disc set of "Bridge", the new edition is the same..same I guess it's just repackaging.
Well Columbia is re-releasing "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Bridge on the River Kwai" this year, relevant? Maybe, maybe not. But I would think they would re-release this as well. And why not? It is OOP, best picture 1987 , it's the 20th anniversary, they've re-released stuff for lesser reasons. As far as I know, there are no rights issues, unless the TV show that came out a few years before this with the same title is blocking it, but I doubt it. I would expect to see it before the year is out. I'd have expected it for Oscar season (which means it'd be announced by now).

Here's hoping for an "L.A. Confidential" re-release as well (yes, Warner, I know, but 10 year anniversary).
Most likely!  Who knows? Does anybody know if there is a "rights issue" involved with this movie?
Last Emperor DVD Re-release?
Anyone know if Bertolucci's The Last Emperor is going to be re-released this year?  There's been an special edition for region 2, but everything in region 1's out of print.

Someone on
said there might be a 20th anniversary edition this year...?