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Last Summer-Never Heard Of IT?

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4th March 2008 18:22  #1

Ziegfeld Man Member Join Date: March 2008 Location: United States Posts: 20
Last Summer-Never Heard Of IT?
I smell spam.

4th March 2008 18:31  #2

Nic Mall Member Join Date: November 2005 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 1,202 Send a message via MSN to Nic Mall
Input, need input...

Stop plugging your cinema.

4th March 2008 23:11  #3

jmcclane 88 Member Join Date: September 2006 Location: Ireland Posts: 466
You want to talk about a film that haunts you, Short Circuit did it for me. I cried when I thought Johnny Five was dead, damn manipulative movie. I was only 8 so please cut me some slack. That pic brought it all back to me.