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Like we didn't see ths one coming!

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he he-notice they dont mention that if you cancel your exosting order, that you will be refunded....
From this it sounds like the following - They have definatly gone under and someone else has bought the leftovers -or- they will reopen under another name.

I have seen a post in another forum indicating a user has $6000 in credits( mind you how the hell did they let it get that high!!!)
Mal wrote: I've emailed them to see if they'll confirm the email is genuine. Doubt they'll respond but if they do, we can hopefully post it as a news item. The transfer of ownership makes it more difficult to verify without contacting them.

Reason for verifying it is they have lots of enemies these days and it's easy to fake an email.
Hey Mal, I too have recieved the above email as well as this one when I sent one via their wesite contact page:
Dear Sir / Madam;

As of Monday December 12th, Canadian Distribution Services will begin to process
all pending orders.

If you still wish to receive your products please do not modify your order and we
will complete your order as soon as possible.

However, if you no longer wish to receive your order please cancel your order
as soon as possible so that we may avoid any inconveniences.

You can cancel your order at your leisure by logging in to your account and opening
the order located under the pending tab.  Once there you will be presented with your
order details.  At the end of the details you will locate a red cancellation button.
Simply click on this button to cancel the order.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us by email at

We  thank you for your time.


Customer Service Center
Centre De Service à la Clientèle
une division de / a divison of Canadian Distribution Services

You see I have a small order in the omount of credit that they owe me.
I find play quite expensive compared to CD-Wow. I was looking at a few titles last night and they were all a couple of quid cheaper than Play.
I used them a couple of times but they were SOOOOooo slow, that I couldn't be bothered with them.

I now use either PlayUSA for new R1 films and the new and used section for older titles, because they are real cheap.

I did however buy the Buffy Chosen box set from, but that was because if I bought it from a company say like Play, I would of payed the normal retail price which is £139 but then customs would of charged me, so I bought it for £90 from, then when I do get charged, I should near enough break even.

Before you say why didn't you get the UK box set, the reason for it because the BBFC had cut 8 seconds from Dead Man's Party, 2 one for violence and one for imitable technique.
Did something go wrong with his PC? Wink
Now we know how you feel when you moan about your PC Wink
You two might as well just email, noone else is interested Wink
I've used DVDImport for all my R1 purchases for a while now, when CD-Wow don't have an item I want that is. They're a bit slow, but very cheap.
I used them a heck of a lot over the years, only switching to Movietyme when I wanted a genuine US (rather than Canadian) release. Luckily I stopped using them a few months before everything went bad and only lost out on a couple of cheap DVDs. DVD Import is a good drop-in replacement for anyone that's looking for an alternative Canadian retailer.
DVDPacific were the site that got hacked, but that was for credit card info not for malicious emails. It would seem very likely that this is genuine, as the writing has been on the wall for some time. I read about people trying to get them closed down back in the summer. It's inexcusable that they continued to take people's money knowing full well that they couldn't fulfil orders. I only ever bought from them on one occasion and that was bad enough. I cancelled in the end because they hadn't shipped the Star Wars trilogy ages afer it was released, and that was after I 'pre-ordered' it months in advance. I used the credit to buy Clash of the Titans, The Lost Boys SE and The last Starfighter.

Actually I tell a lie. I had Matrix Reloaded and Return of the King EE from them as well. Both back in the days before they had problems.
Unfortunately I don't think running a DVD retailer is worthwhile these days; they work on little to no margins, quite often taking a loss to compete against the bigger players that get exclusive wholesale discounts from distributors.

Best way to make cash from selling DVDs is being based in a region with a favourable exchange rate (Hong Kong) or with a tax loophole (Jersey or Guernsey), and selling exclusively to the international market.
Maybe I should open up an international DVD site to pick up the slack...hehehe

The way canadian releases have been getting altered or butchered in one way or another lately, you don't want to buy the canadian version of a region 1 disc anyhow.
Yeah but didn't some other retailer have their customer details nicked a couple of years ago? Anything like that could have happened, however unlikely.
Apparently loads of people got it.
I've emailed them to see if they'll confirm the email is genuine. Doubt they'll respond but if they do, we can hopefully post it as a news item. The transfer of ownership makes it more difficult to verify without contacting them.

Reason for verifying it is they have lots of enemies these days and it's easy to fake an email.
Like we didn't see this one coming!
Quote: Dear Client;

It is with a lot of regret and sadness that we must announce the closure of the company 9086 - 8316 Québec Inc who managed the operations of

The assets of have been taken by Canadian
Distribution Services which means the site will remain open and all activities will be maintained. Therefore all pending orders will be honored.

Unfortunately all operations that were suspended and were the
responsibility of 9086 - 8316 Québec Inc will not be honored. These operations include credits, refunds, replacement requests, and Fidelity iPoints.

If you wish to obtain more information please send your questions to:

9086 - 8316 Québec Inc.
1001, Boul. Montarville #75023
Boucherville Québec
J4B 7Z2

We thank you for your support and your comprehension.

The Administration