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Lord of the Rings EE BD Review?

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Thanks for uploading, Chris. Having just watched Fellowship EE on DVD, it is very 'warm' so it'll be interesting to see what effect the darker greener tone will have on the overall presentation.

Got round to buying this the other day.

FOTR is a lot darker than the EE DVD and indeed any other version available on disc.

Does it spoil the film? Unless a side by side comparison is done, for me, no. But I can quite see why there are those getting their knickers in a twist about it. Is the new greener colour timing an issue? Again, for me, even less so than the overall darkening of the overall image. If attention hadn't been brought to the issue, I wouldn't have noticed really. The green snow is probably where it is most apparent.
Would have to agree that the set is well worth buying if you are a fan.

Doing a quick mental cash up, I've probably spent close to £200 on LOTR on DVD, since the first DVD's right up to this release, so it's got to the point where I'm resigned to the ongoing outlay. And the fact that I'll no doubt be buying it all again when its all packaged together with The Hobbit in 2014. Between now and then though, we can enjoy what's on offer here with the new BD's.
I never bought the branching Theatrical/EE's DVD's and haven't seen the Costa Botes Docs before so seeing them now offsets the cost a little.

I only hope they do 'an Alien Anthology' next time and compress all the SD appendices onto BD's. Too many discs. I think the 15 discs in this set has set the limit really for what is acceptable, particularly for 3 films. I'm sure this set as it stands would be better compressed down to perhaps 9 BD's rather than 15 discs in total. Would be nice if they could upscale everything as well, including the Costa Botes docs, so as to minimize the faffing about with picture sizes etc.

A decent upgrade. And the packaging is both classy and robust with all the discs safe in proper cases.
If you're interested, I took a selection of relatively evenly space and random caps from the first Fellowship disc today. They illustrate the green/blue shift that is apparent in many scenes, but they also show how much better it looks than the theatrical BD.

I bought the set for myself on release day. Let me know if you'd like some screen caps from Fellowship, and I'll drop some links on this post.
Thanks for the response Chris. Like a lot other people, I was concerned at the news of this new colour timing on Fellowship, as it sounded like a mistake and a potential recall situation. By all accounts, the green tint that has bee applied is legit, as it is apparently something that Jackson and Lesnie always wanted for FOTR. It's  still puzzling though as people have quite reasonably pointed to the digital grading feature on the DVD EE's which already showed the lengthy colour grading process that had already been applied to the films. I don't have a problem with the director conforming an earlier work to fit in with 'the whole' but it would have been good to have had confirmation of the changes personally from PJ to fans of the films. It's the sort of thing I could imagine he'd do, given his past track record, video diaries etc and it seems out of character that he wouldn't have done so in this instance. Anyway, looking forward to seeing the new EE's in due course. Once I've sc**ped enough money together.
Nope. We didn't get a review set I'm afraid. I was hoping the site would buy one for review purposes but in the end I coughed up for a set myself. I don't have the time for a full review of such a big set though. I might post some thoughts here if there's enough interest, but the upshot is that the set is a worthy upgrade visually (particularly the first film).

The colour timing has been changed in FotR, but it doesn't look wrong, just different.
Lord of the Rings EE BD Review?
Is there a technical review being worked on at all?

Would be good to read the opinions of Gabe, Chris or Marcus before ponying up the dough. Again.

Obviously, thoughts on the remastered FOTR would be appreciated.